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Ben McAdoo addresses Odell Beckham-Khloe Kardashian rumors

"You have to trust players with their personal lives"

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Khloe Kardashian
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New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo was not asked directly on Wednesday for his thoughts on the Odell Beckham Jr.-Khloe Kardashian rumors. He was, however, asked for thoughts on his players showing up on the pages of TMZ and other gossip columns.

“They’re grown men,” McAdoo said. "You have to trust players with their personal lives and the decisions that they make. If they ask for advice, we’ll certainly be willing to lend a hand.”

What Beckham does with his time away from football is his business, provided he prepares properly and continues to produce on the field. He lives with a spotlight none of us can understand, and has access to a celebrity lifestyle we can only imagine.

Maybe you believe in what some people call The Kardashian Curse. Maybe you don't. Maybe Beckham is dating Kardashian. Maybe he isn't. That's all well and good for the gossip columns and the twitter-verse. Although it seems like much ado about nothing.

I actually find the whole topic distasteful for a football site, but have mentioned it since it's being talked about and since McAdoo addressed it. All Giants fans should really care about is what he does for the team on game days. Until and unless his personal life impacts his game-day production there is really nothing to see.