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ESPN: Giants have the 16th-best "offensive triplet"

ESPN ranks each team's top three offensive skill players.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN evaluated the top three offensive weapons for each team in the league and ranked them all. Despite having a two time Super Bowl winning quarterback and a top five receiver in the game, the New York Giants finish with an average mark -- 16th overall.

QB Eli Manning, RB Shane Vereen, WR Odell Beckham Jr.

If this were rankings of the best offensive combinations in football, the duo of Manning and Beckham would be in the top 10. In adding a third player, though, the Giants can't keep up. Vereen is the best in a group of bad options. Rashad Jennings? Will Tye? Second-round pick Sterling Shepard? If Victor Cruz could come back from knee and calf injuries to look like his former self, he would form an excellent third wheel, but even if he makes it back into the lineup for the Giants in September, it will have been nearly two years since Cruz contributed. Chances are that he won't be the same player. If that's the case, the Giants will have an enormous drop-off between Beckham and the rest of their offensive weaponry.

It is completely understandable that the Giants get a hit because of a question mark to their third skill position player. Sterling Shepard is an unknown rookie while Victor Cruz has major injuries to recover from. The running back committee last year was unremarkable with no one standing out from the crowd. However, it is hard to take a 16th overall ranking seriously. Sixteenth is right dab in the middle, which essentially makes the Giants an average team. There's no way there are 15 teams in the league that can do better than with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr.

Interestingly enough, the Washington Redskins rank one spot higher than the Giants at 15th overall. Their trio of Kirk Cousins, DeSean Jackson and Jordan Reed certainly is formidable. However none of them are in the same stratosphere as Odell Beckham Jr. Cousins also had a career year that shocked many. Is it repeatable? It remains to be seen but we already know how Manning will perform in a west coast offense.

The Dallas Cowboys finish sixth overall, unsurprisingly. However, the article notes that the trio is riddled with question marks. Tony Romo's injury history is exhaustive and he is only getting older. Dez Bryant is an elite wideout, but his foot injury has claimed the careers of many before him, including former Giant, Hakeem Nicks. Ezekiel Elliott has the talent and the hype, but is still only a rookie. As per ESPN's logic of not selecting Sterling Shepard for the Giants, does that not mean the Cowboys should be penalized for not having a proven third weapon?

What do you think Giants fans? Are the ESPN rankings too harsh on the Giants, or do they have question marks that need to be answered?