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Off-season Fantasy Football: An intro to MFL10's

Gone are the days of waiting until late August to draft your fantasy football teams. Thanks to , fantasy football is truly a year-round game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a fantasy football junkie, you never want the season to end. Pouring over the stats, lineup decisions, and the MNF sweats are all things we miss come springtime. Doing mock drafts in the spring/summer just feels silly, and since you're not playing for anything, the results are pretty worthless. But do not fret; a new type of fantasy league is gaining in popularity, and gives us the "fix" that we need in the off-season. Say goodbye to fantasy withdrawals, MFL10's are your new drug of choice.

MFL10's have grown in popularity in recent years for multiple reasons. First off, it's FANTASY FOOTBALL IN THE OFF-SEASON. Secondly, the industry experts now focus their ADP information and consensus player rankings using data from MFL10 drafts. The drafts are a very unique format, and while there are different variations on the site, we will focus on the most popular version - MFL10 best-ball leagues.

MFL10 is an abbreviation for MyFantasyLeague $10 leagues. $10 entry fee, 12 team leagues, $100 to the winner. These drafts are very unique in that they take place over the span of a few weeks. There are 20 rounds, and the entire draft is done by email or text message.  You receive a message every time it is your turn to draft, quickly log in to the site, and make your pick. Every drafter has up to eight hours to make their pick. If you miss your pick, you will be auto-drafted, not to mentioned highly ridiculed by the other league mates for slowing down the draft. It's a pretty standard league format, using PPR scoring, 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1Flex and a defense. This drafting style makes for a fun, refreshing way to get your fantasy fix during the off-season.

My other favorite part of these leagues is the "best ball" format. This means that you don't make any roster moves once the draft is over. You draft 20 players/defenses, and each week, nine of them are used in your highest scoring lineup and the points are tallied automatically. Example: you draft six WRs. Every week, the three highest scoring WRs points will be tallied, and maybe a fourth if they fall into the Flex position. In short, there is NO roster management in these leagues! It's basically a mock draft that counts. Once the season is over, you login and see how you did. This is perfect, as you know you'll be bogged down with season-long redraft leagues and DFS tournaments once the season starts. This format lends itself to doing countless MFL10 drafts in the offseason, without worrying about playing in too many leagues once September hits. Now fantasy nerds can use the NFL's overused cliche ... there IS no off-season.