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BBV mailbag: Paul Perkins, Jerry Reese, more questions

Let’s open up the mailbag and see what tumbles out

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Jerry Reese
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The voluntary portion of the New York Giants’ offseason is over, as OTAs finished up on Friday. With mandatory minicamp looming next week, let’s turn to the BBV mailbag and see what questions you have about Big Blue as training camp draws a bit closer.

Ed says: Paul Perkins has been unable to work at OTAs because of a league rule that he couldn’t participate until his class at UCLA graduated. That happened Friday, so I would have to believe Perkins will be in attendance at the mandatory minicamp next week. Let's see how quickly he can get caught up.

Ed says: With Eli Apple having been drafted in the first round, I would expect more nickel packages with three corners than with three safeties. But, we’ll see.

Ed says: I can’t worry about anything Tiki says about the Giants, particularly when it comes to Eli Manning or former coach Tom Coughlin. He’s anything but objective, and we know that if you look at his history he has never been a Manning guy.

Ed says: Man, it’s hard enough to figure out who the Giants will or won’t keep. I can’t even begin to figure out who other teams will cut. There are always some surprises. The one situation I did recently point out that is worth monitoring is with the Minnesota Vikings, where they have an abundance of experienced offensive tackles and could end up turning one loose, most likely Phil Loadholt. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

Ed says: I think that’s an easy conclusion to jump to. The Giants have removed both coordinators, the head coach, shuffled the coaching staff and have now gone on two massive free-agent spending sprees to try to fix the mess they have gotten themselves into. It is, however, anything but clear-cut that Jerry Reese’s job is on the line.

If the young players on the roster continue to improve there will be a case to be made that the Giants have had three straight pretty good drafts. We don't know that yet, but it could be the case. Reese was also heavily involved in the hiring of rookie head coach Ben McAdoo. Fire the GM and a new guy could want his own head coach. Are you going to fire McAdoo after a year and blow up the coaching staff again? Are you going to force a new GM to accept the existing head coach?

Plus, the Giants are historically very conservative with their general managers. They basically had to be arm-twisted by the league into hiring George Young back in the 1970s. They have only had three GMs -- Young, Ernie Accorsi, Reese — since then. Young and Accorsi left the job on their own terms and time table. If the Giants really wanted to oust Reese they could have done so this offseason when they ousted Tom Coughlin. They could have made a clean break and started over. Obviously, they didn’t.

Ed says: I think it’s too early to make a definitive prediction, but the guys who have made themselves noticed thus far would be cornerback Donte Deayon and wide receiver Roger Lewis.

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