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Ishaq Williams says Giants have signed him after tryout

Ishaq Williams, who has not played in a football game that counted since the end of the 2013 season after being booted off the Notre Dame in an academic dishonesty scandal, has signed a contract with the New York Giants.

Williams, one of dozens of tryout players to participate in the team's rookie mini-camp, announced the news via Instagram:

"I'm officially a NY Giant, dreams really do come true and hard work pays off. I'm thankful that the Giants organization believed in me and can't wait to show them they made a great decision. I'm excited to continue grinding and chasing my dreams. This is only the beginning."

Williams, 6-foot-4 253 pounds, is a 23-year-old from Brooklyn. He spoke to reporters on Friday after the first day of practices with the Giants, and before he knew he would be getting a contract to become part of the 90-man roster.

"Towards the beginning of the whole situation I thought I might be done," Williams said on Friday, after his tryout started. "But my family and friends stood by me and told me to keep going. And I started to get my second wind and decided 'Hey, I might as well give my all.' I've been doing this since I was seven years old, so I might as well just give it a try."

That try has now turned into a full-fledged opportunity.

The Giants have not officially announced the signing of Williams or any other tryout players.