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Todd McShay 2017 mock draft: Where, not who, Giants pick is the problem

Will Big Blue really be this bad in 2016?

ESPN's Todd McShay is out with his 2017 NFL mock draft. Who cares, right? There's no way to predict what the New York Giants, or any team, will do in a draft that will take place a year from now. Well, maybe you should care because McShay's draft includes a stunner for the Giants.

That stunner isn't who he has picked for the Giants -- Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett. Whatever. You're wasting your breath, or your keystrokes, if you are arguing over whether that would be the right or wrong pick. The stunner is that McShay, using Football Outsiders early projected records for the 2016 season, has the Giants picking third overall.

Yes, THIRD overall. Which means FO is projecting that the Giants, around whom there is a fresh feeling and a sense of optimism, will turn out to be terrible in 2016.

Using FOs early projections, only the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers -- in that order -- would pick ahead of the Giants. Ouch!

Per FOs projection, here is the expected order of finish in the NFC East, with draft position in parenthesis.

1. Cowboys (25)
2. Washington (7)
3. Eagles (6)
4. Giants (3)

Are you buying this sort of doom and gloom when it comes to the Giants? Or, is this nonsense that will be proven wrong when the games are played?