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First-round draft pick? So what, Eli Apple's mom becomes a bigger star

And the best thing about the Giants first-round pick is that he really doesn't care.

Eli Apple and his mom, Annie, at the draft
Eli Apple and his mom, Annie, at the draft
Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

Eli Apple is a first-round NFL draft choice for a New York team with a perfect name for New York City. He could be headed for stardom. His mom, though, Annie Apple, is already a star, having taken the social media world by storm using the Twitter name (@SurvivinAmerica).

The new Giant cornerback seems to have no issue with sharing the spotlight.

"I have no problem with at all," Apple said Friday during rookie mini-camp at Quest Diagnostics Training Center. ""She wants the whole spotlight she can have it."

Apple said he "kind of expected" his mom to become an overnight sensation in NFL social media circles.

I know how she is, I know her personality on Twitter. I'm fine with it and I'm not surprised at all," Apple said. "She's going to be her own person. As long as I'm out on the football field doing my job that's all that matters."

Been living under a rock since the draft or just not a Twitter user? Well, you can learn a little about Apple's mom in this post she wrote for Sports Illustrated.

Here are a couple of recent tweets from @SurvivinAmerica, just to give you a sample.