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2017 Super Bowl odds: Draft shortens Giants' odds

Giants now at 25-1 to be the next Super Bowl champs

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Las Vegas oddsmakers liked the New York Giants' 2016 draft class enough the team's odds of winning the 2017 Super Bowl have shortened from 33-1 pre-draft to 25-1 currently. Those odds are from Bovada.

The Giants are one of 11 teams whose Super Bowl odds improved post-draft. The New England Patriots (7-1) and Seattle Seahawks (8-10) are the current Super Bowl favorites. The Dallas Cowboys are listed at 22-1, the Washington Redskins at 40-1, and the Philadelphia Eagles at 50-1.

Giants' rookie Paul Perkins, a running back, and Sterling Shepard, a wide receiver, are both listed with 16-1 odds of winning Offensive Rookie of the Year. That places them tied for the ninth-best odds. Jared Goff (2-1) and Ezekiel Elliott (5-2) are the favorites.

Your thoughts. Giants fans? While it takes time for many young players to adjust tot he NFL and become regular contributors, are you optimistic that this draft has made the Giants a better football team?