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100 Giant thoughts with 100 days left until the 2016 NFL regular season

It's a long list, but it's fun

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Usually on Tuesdays I get my Peter King on and do "Five things I think I think" about the New York Giants. Well, there are now exactly 100 days until the 2016 NFL regular season begins. So, here's a list of 100 things I think I think right now.

These will be quick hitters without a lot of explanation

  1. I think I really like the music during the positional drills at Giants practices. Even if, admittedly, I have no clue what most of it is.
  2. I have no idea what the Giants' record will be in 2016, but I think Ben McAdoo is going to be just fine as an NFL head coach. The role suits him a whole better than the ill-fitting suit he wore the day he was introduced.
  3. Speaking of McAdoo, this one corresponds to No. 2. I think he could be headed for a long, Coughlin-esque run as Giants coach.
  4. Whether Victor Cruz is healthy or not, I think Sterling Shepard winds up as the No. 2 receiver for the Giants.
  5. Speaking of Cruz, I think it will be a huge bonus for the Giants if he is anything more than an adequate third, or even fourth, wide receiver.
  6. I think if I was going to pick one roster stunner it would be the Giants cutting Rashad Jennings and going with Andre Williams or someone else as their lead back.
  7. I think, though, that the Giants are more likely to ride Jennings for one more year than to cut him.
  8. I think the "Summer School" series from Chris and Alex will be awesome, required reading. Oh, and I think you guys can thank me for suggesting it to them.
  9. I think Jason Pierre-Paul has gone from a guy who used to annoy me with his self-absorbed attitude and braggadocio he didn't back up to a much different guy whose success you have to root for.
  10. I think this will be the last season for backup quarterback Ryan Nassib as a Giant.
  11. I think the presence of hybrid fullback/tight end Will Johnson on the roster could be bad news for Nikita Whitlock.
  12. Another guy who could see his Giants playing career come to an end this summer is Larry Donnell. Unless injuries open the door, I think his time in New York will come to an end.
  13. Like it or not, I think it looks like John Jerry and Marshall Newhouse are likely to be the starters at right guard and right tackle, respectively. Bobby Hart or someone not yet on the roster might change that, but right now it doesn't look that way.
  14. Free agency being the gamble that it is, I think odds are one of the high-priced free agents that the Giants signed this offseason will be a bust. Which one? I don't think I'm going to guess.
  15. I think it might not be terribly surprising that former Giant first-round pick Prince Amukamara ended up with just a one-year deal. It is, however, pretty shocking that he is having to compete for a job as the slot corner with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  16. If he is healthy all year, I think center Weston Richburg will make the Pro Bowl.
  17. I don't know if he should, or if he would succeed, but I think I would like to see Tom Coughlin get one final opportunity to coach again.
  18. The Giants pretty much doubled down on Ereck Flowers during the offseason, apparently telling veteran left tackles like Russell Okung and Donald Penn they would have to move to the right side if they signed with the Giants. I think Flowers justifies that decision in 2016 by making significant progress.
  19. I think if you are still hoping for Will Beatty to rejoin the Giants and replace Marshall Newhouse at right tackle you should stop. Fact is, the Giants cut Beatty without giving him a chance to re-negotiate his contract. That tells you point blank they wanted to be rid of him. We may never know what exactly soured Beatty and the Giants on each other, but it sure seems like that bridge has been burned.
  20. I think Eli Apple will be just fine as a Giant, even if there are some rough patches for him early on. By the time he's done as a Giant no one is going to care that he was probably the backup plan to the backup plan on draft night.
  21. I think Apple's mom, Annie, could be a bigger issue for the Giants. The young Apple already has to answer far too many questions about his mom, and while he doesn't seem to mind it's still a thing to deal with. And now that she is employed by ESPN what happens if she shares some sensitive information the Giants don't want made public, turns critical of the way the Giants use her son, or if he plays poorly? Let's hope it never becomes a problem.
  22. I think the NFL needs to change the rule that prevents rookies like Paul Perkins of the Giants from practicing until their college class has graduated. Most of these guys stopped going to school in December, anyway, to get ready for the draft. All the rule does is hurt the players, and the teams that selected them.
  23. I think I could care less that the NFL is moving the Pro Bowl to Orlando. It's still a ridiculously unnecessary game of two-hand touch.
  24. I think my favorite moment of the offseason might have been attending Justin Tuck's retirement press conference. It's just nice to see someone grow and become more than a football player, much more in Tuck's case.
  25. I understand why it isn't -- I mean, some uniform numbers need to be available -- but I still believe Harry Carson's No. 53 should be retired by the Giants.
  26. While we're on the subject of retired Giants, I think I hate to admit it but I'd rather listen to Tiki Barber (Tiki & Tierney Show) than ESPN's Dan Lebatard pretty much any day of the week.
  27. I think one of the funniest sites of the offseason has been watching defensive backs coach Tim Walton zip around the field on a scooter while trying to instruct corners. Walton has been recovering from knee surgery.
  28. I think I don't know what to make of Anthony Davis, the "retired" right tackle for the San Francisco 49ers. Does he want to play football again? Should the Giants pursue him if he does? It sounds good on paper, but something about it doesn't feel very good.
  29. Speaking of trades, Chris wrote about the possibility of trading for Dion Jordan if the league reinstates him. I think the Giants, who have been very risk-averse unless it has been with undrafted players who are easy to move on from, would be unlikely to give up a draft pick for a player with Jordan's history.
  30. I still think I would like to see the Giants sign a veteran cornerback like Leon Hall or Chris Culliver.
  31. I mentioned it the other day, but I think I would love to see MetLife Stadium get another Super Bowl.
  32. If it's not MetLife, I think I would love to see the NFL place the game in a cold-weather locale occasionally. So what if it snows? The game is meant to be played in all sorts of elements.
  33. Chris is high on Campbell defensive tackle Greg Milhouse, an undrafted free agent. I think the undrafted DT to watch is Marvin Lewis of Kentucky. Let's see which one of us is right.
  34. I think if you missed my interview with undrafted free agent cornerback Donte Deayon you really should go back and read it. He has an engaging personality and is an easy guy to root for.
  35. Speaking of undrafted free agent corners, the Giants have Deayon, Michael Hunter and Matt Smalley. I think I won't be shocked if one of those three makes the roster.
  36. I think you really should be listening to the "Big Blue Chat" podcast. Pat Traina and I have now done 57 shows together, we're getting pretty comfortable and we do occasionally have some really interesting guests.
  37. I think Owa Odighizuwa is a wildcard for the Giants in 2016. He missed most of his rookie season. If he takes a step forward as a rotational defensive end and perhaps a guy who could play inside on passing downs he can be a difference maker.
  38. I think I have doubts about French wide receiver Anthony Dable making the 53-man roster. I do think he is intriguing enough that the Giants will try to keep him as a practice squad player.
  39. I think the real make-or-break player on the Giants' defense, at least in the front seven, is Devon Kennard. Will he stay on the field? Will he show the Giants what they saw near the end of his rookie year?
  40. You have plenty of time left to buy an Eli Apple t-shirt. I think my bank account would appreciate it if you did.
  41. I don't love Marshaun Coprich's chances to make the roster. I do think I love the kid's confidence.
  42. I think these top 100 player lists from, Pro Football Focus, etc., are silly. They create conversation, but they really mean nothing.
  43. I think I feel the same way about power rankings five months in advance. What do those prove?
  44. I still think Orleans Darkwa was the best running back on the roster in 2015.
  45. Your starting middle linebacker in 2016? I think it will be Jasper Brinkley.
  46. Along that same vein, I think either Kelvin Sheppard or Keenan Robinson ends up not making the roster.
  47. I think Eli Manning is on the verge of the best statistical regular season of his career.
  48. I think cornerback and offensive line depth concern me greatly when I look at the current state of the roster.
  49. I still think it's cool to see MetLife Stadium across the parking lot when I attend Giants practices.
  50. Then again, I still also think it's a pain in the neck to drive 2.5 hours each way to attend said practices. The things I do for you guys!
  51. If you really want to learn about offensive line play in the NFL, you should be listening to the Block 'Em Up podcast with Duke Manyweather and ex-Giant Geoff Schwartz.
  52. Damon Harrison has quickly become a fan favorite. I think that is only going to increase when the games begin.
  53. The luster of the two Super Bowls in which he was MVP has faded. I don't think Eli Manning makes the Hall of Fame unless the Giants start, at least, making the playoffs regularly again.
  54. I think the Giants are OK at safety. I can't tell you whether Nat Berhe, Darian Thompson or Bennett Jackson ends up starting, but I'm not all that worried about it.
  55. Speaking of safety, one of the reasons I think they Giants will be OK is that I think Landon Collins is going to make huge strides in 2016.
  56. We know that John Jerry has never been a great run blocker. I think, though, that he deserves more credit than he gets. You don't get to start 69 NFL games in six years if you stink.
  57. I think this is a critical year for Steve Spagnuolo. The last two defenses he coordinated were the worst in the league. If the Giants aren't, at least, adequate defensively this season Spags may never get to coordinate an NFL defense again.
  58. I think the most critical, and interesting, new hire on the offensive coaching staff is line coach Mike Solari. I'm really interested to see how well young players develop under his tutelage.
  59. On the defensive side, I think line coach Patrick Graham is the most intriguing new hire. I can't think of a lineman who really developed to any great extent with Robert Nunn in that spot.
  60. I think I still can't figure out if Kirk Cousins' 2015 season was a mirage or if he really is a franchise quarterback.
  61. Since most people believe the Giants would have selected Leonard Floyd had he been available in the draft, I think it will be fascinating to see whether Floyd or Apple becomes the better player.
  62. Remember all the hype surrounding offensive lineman Brett Jones when he came out of the CFL a year ago? After spending 2015 on IR, I think Jones has his work cut out just to make the roster this time around.
  63. I think the photo gallery of Larry Donnell, upside down more than right side up, is pretty telling.
  64. I think I wish Thomas George, writer of this fine piece on Ben McAdoo, was on staff here at BBV.
  65. Eight games is the perfect over/under for the Giants. I haven't decided yet whether I would take the over or the under.
  66. I think it's going to stink watching kickoff returners kneel down this season when they are only a yard into the end zone. That will be common with touchbacks coming out to the 25-yard line
  67. No matter what his relationship with Khloe Kardashian, I think I wish Odell Beckham Jr. wasn't hanging around with the Kardashian clan.
  68. I don't think we will ever see the 2011 version of Jason Pierre-Paul again. I do think he will be a very good player for the Giants in 2016.
  69. If it wasn't for the fact that he would have to give up owning the Giants, I think I'd rather see John Mara as commissioner than Roger Goodell.
  70. I think I wish John Madden was still broadcasting games. Especially every time I listen to Phil Simms.
  71. Janoris Jenkins was a member of the Rams when the Giants and Rams brawled due to some extracurriculars with Odell Beckham. I think I would like to ask Jenkins why opposing teams dislike Beckham, and what it's like to be on the same team now.
  72. Speaking of Beckham, I'm setting the over/under for him at 100 catches in 2016. And I'm taking the over.
  73. Using the ridiculous "competitive advantage" excuse, Ben McAdoo hasn't said whether or not he will call the offensive plays. I think I'd be stunned if anyone other than McAdoo calls the plays.
  74. I mentioned Victor Cruz earlier. I think I wonder if this will be Cruz's final season with the Giants.
  75. Fans often wonder why the Giants haven't made an effort to sign free-agent guard Louis Vasquez. I think a lot of that has to do with the idea that he struggled in a zone blocking scheme last year, and that is what the Giants are reliant upon.
  76. I think I'm going to continue to beat the drum for the Giants to sign wide receiver Anquan Boldin until Boldin signs somewhere else.
  77. I think I would love to know what fans believe would qualify as a successful 2016 season for the Giants. We will explore that topic more as the season approaches.
  78. I think having my seven-month-old granddaughter living with us for the summer reminds me there are a lot of things more important than arguing about football.
  79. I think this is a make-or-break year for Andre Williams. I'm not sure, though, that he has a chance to succeed without at least 12-15 carries per games.
  80. I think you're missing some good info if you haven't been reading our series of player-by-player profiles.
  81. I think I will try to pay closer attention to undrafted defensive ends Mike Rose, Ishaq Williams and Romeo Okwara on Wednesday.
  82. I think it's weird to go to a Giants practice and not hear the call of "Bands" at the end of the workout. The whistle just blows and practice ends. No post-practice stretch on the field.
  83. Between now and the preseason I think every time Eli Apple lines up against Odell Beckham cameras will click and reporters will scribble furious notes. I think I'm already tired of that one.
  84. I wish former Giants Damontre Moore good luck in Oakland. I think this might be his last NFL shot.
  85. I think I would like to see the Giants end their defensive tackle merry-go-round and get Johnathan Hankins' name on a long-term contract.
  86. I think the only linebackers currently with the Giants who are certain to remain next year are Devon Kennard and B.J. Goodson.
  87. Speaking of Goodson, I think there is a good chance he is the starting middle linebacker in 2017.
  88. I don't think Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is going to be traded. I do think this is his last season with the Giants.
  89. I think if you've already bought a Sterling Shepard No. 87 jersey it will be a collector's item. I doubt he ever wears that number in a regular season game.
  90. I think wide receiver/kick returner Dwayne Harris might be the most under-appreciated Giant.
  91. I think I still wish the Giants were opening the season against someone other than the Dallas Cowboys. I'm just tired of that one.
  92. Hmm, 92. Michael Strahan's number. I think it's amazing that Strahan is a bigger star now than when he played.
  93. I think the comments from the "worst Giants purchase" post are hilarious.
  94. There remains a narrative that if the Giants don't make the playoffs GM Jerry Reese will be out of a job. Knowing the Giants' history with GMs, I think that might be wrong. Let's just hope we don't have to find out.
  95. The Giants made no real changes to their personnel department beyond adding former Lions GM Martin Mayhew. I think I'm a bit surprised by that.
  96. I think leaving Justin Pugh at guard is the correct decision.
  97. I think the biggest factor in the NFC East is still whether or not Tony Romo is healthy for an entire season.
  98. I was asked in a recent mailbag if I thought the Giants were "championship-caliber" at this point. No, I don't think so.
  99. I think if you've read all 98 of the previous entries you really need to find something to do.
  100. I think I can't believe I used an entire afternoon to come up with this crazy list.