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Weston Richburg believes Giants offensive line can do "great things together"

Center talks about the state of the line and much more

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Weston Richburg
Ed Valentine

Much has been written and said about the New York Giants offensive line. Is the right side good enough? Is there enough depth? Why didn't the team draft an offensive lineman? On and on it goes. Center Weston Richburg, the anchor of that line, doesn't want to hear it.

"I really like the guys we have in our room and I think the fact that it stayed consistent personnel-wise says something about the group we have, and I think guys believe that we can do some really great things together, and it is just going to take that consistency, being out there as much as possible with that same group," Richburg said earlier this week at OTAs.

Richburg, entering his third season, emerged last year as one of the league's best young centers. He said this week that remarks he made that were apparently critical of the work ethics of some teammates "were taken out of context."

"Speaking on what I believe about the place I train, I think it is a great spot. I wish everybody could be out there because we do some really great stuff," Richburg said. "Like I said, I will be out there every off-season until I am done playing."

Richburg trains during the offseason at the Oline Performance Center run by LeCharles Bentley.

"I think it is great. We do some really special stuff out there that applies to the position that I really believe strongly in and I am going to be there every offseason until I am done playing," Richburg said. "We are not just bench pressing. We are doing things that are applicable to what we are doing on the field, so we may do a lifting movement but then go to the field and kind of show how that movement translates to what we do on the field in pass blocking or run blocking."

Richburg revealed that Giants starting guard John Jerry has also been joining him at the Bentley school.

"I would love to have everybody out there. It is a great spot and we do a lot of good work," Richburg said.