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Ben McAdoo "is over it" when it comes to firsts of his new job

The Giants' rookie head coach is already settling in as the Giants start OTAs

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

It's normal to have some uncertainty, a settling in period, when you start a new job or get a promotion.

So how is New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo dealing with the "newness" as his first off-season as a head coach ramps up to its third phase?

In his own words "I'm over it."

In fact, McAdoo seemed to take some umbrage at the notion that he would need pointers from Mike McCarthy or Tom Coughlin before the Giants' first OTA opened.

"I've been doing this my whole life." He said, "This is an opportunity that I dreamed of and I'm just out here attacking the job."

Rather than needing time to settle in and feel out his new position, McAdoo is putting his own stamp on the Giants.

"My focus is more big picture than it is just looking at the offensive side of the ball. Spending my time with the special teams and jumping around to each individual position, spending some time with the tackling drills early in the LT period and ball security."

The "LT" period is a new addition to the Giants' practices, installed by McAdoo this offseason.

"The game is about the ball." McAdoo said "The game is about blocking and tackling and the more we can do to emphasize those three things, it's more important. In those three areas, this organization has a lot of rich tradition in each of those three areas. Putting names to the periods, putting a face with the period and with ball security and with tackling and with blocking, I think it hits home with players."

This isn't the only change McAdoo has made for this year's OTAs. Reports from Monday's practice indicate that rookie Sterling Shepard is practicing with the second team while second year receiver Geremy Davis saw first team reps across from Odell Beckham Jr. With the compressed offseason offered by the CBA, young players have to come of age much more quickly, something McAdoo recognizes.

"You used to believe that way [That veterans get preferential treatment]. The offseason got a lot shorter and I think you need to be aggressive with young players and put them out there and see what they can do and see how they handle being in a pressure situation and see if they'll respond. Again, where we're at now is just the ground floor." McAdoo added, "You used to have a lot more time in the offseason. You used to have five more weeks, I believe it was, in the offseason. Training camp used to be a lot longer and you used to get on the field a bunch more in training camp than you (do) now. I think you may have to push some guys into some situations that are uncomfortable and find out who's comfortable being uncomfortable."

However, the new coach was also careful to point tout that while the competition is under way, jobs wouldn't be won, or lost, at this stage of the off-season.

"The objectives from OTA's is really learning and improving."McAdoo said, "You want to develop the fundamentals as best you can without pads on, work on communication - detail our communication there. Guys are really jockeying for position as far as where it goes for reps in training camp and the preseason games, whether they're available or accountable and understanding when we get to training camp, it's about building the team and it's about competing for jobs. It's more about learning right now and improving." He later added that, "The preseason games are the most important. Training camp padded practices are second. But everything counts. We're evaluating everything with these guys and every day counts, every meeting counts, every practice session helps. You need to be cautious evaluating players when they're just running around in their underwear."