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"Prove it" players: Who has more to prove than Jason Pierre-Paul?

A list of one-year contract "prove-it" players without JPP on it really isn't much of a list at akk

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Our friends at the mothership,, recently put together a list of five players on one-year contracts who have the most to prove in 2016. Now, I do know where my paycheck comes from and I don't want to say that our fine football writers at dot-com are capable of mistakes. But, how on God's green earth can you make a list of players on one-year deals with a lot to prove and not have Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants on the list?

Is there a player in the league on a one-year deal with more to prove than Pierre-Paul? One-year deal or not, you might be able to argue that after the 2015 Fourth of July fireworks accident that permanently mangled his right hand and cost him half of last season there may not be anyone in the league with more to prove than JPP.

Pierre-Paul is either going to have an outstanding season and earn a big-money contract, or he's going to show that he's going to be forever limited by his hand and most likely never be the player that he once was.

No offense to the five players on the SBN list, but if you aren't including Pierre-Paul then you really aren't putting together a valid list.