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What's the worst Giants purchase you ever made?

C'mon, tell us. It can't be that bad. Or, can it?

Ron Dayne with the Giants
Ron Dayne with the Giants
Donald Miralle/Getty Images

USA Today's "For The Win" has listed the most embarrassing jersey to own for every NFL team, choosing the No. 27 Ron Dayne jersey for the New York Giants. I have no idea if that is right or wrong, or even if there is a correct answer to the question of what is the most embarrassing Giants jersey to own. It's a personal, subjective thing.

So, the real question is this. What is the worst Giants merchandise purchase you ever made? What jersey are you embarrassed to admit you spent money on? What piece of Giants memorabilia is tucked away somewhere, or already discarded so that no one ever actually finds out you bought it?

C'mon, people. Fess up. And feel free to drop a photo of said embarrassing purchase in the comments.