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Antrel Rolle "would love to play" for Giants again

Chicago Bears v San Diego Chargers
Antrel Rolle
Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Barely a day after being released by the Chicago Bears, former New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle took to the airwaves on Monday to profess his love for the Giants and mae it clear he is open to a return engagement.

"New York is where my heart is, man. I think everyone knows that. I’ve never hidden it. New York is where the heart is. New York is where I feel comfortable. New York is a place where I would love to play," Rolle hold hosts Bob Papa and Ross Tucker on Sirius XM NFL Radio.

"There’s a difference [between] playing for an organization, you know, you’re there to play and to win, and you’re there because that’s where your contract is. And there’s a difference in playing where your heart is."

Rolle, 33, was a member of the Giants from 2010-2014, and his passion helped them win the 2011 Super Bowl. The Giants let him leave as a free agent prior to 2015, and he signed a three-year, $11.25 million deal with the Bears. Chicago cut ties with him after a single, injury-plagued season that saw him appear in only seven games.

Rolle, looking for a 12th season in the NFL, still sees himself as a top-caliber player.

“My first and primary mission will always be to play ball. When I go to any organization it is to be a hell of a player, to be an All-Pro player, to be Pro Bowl player, to help my team win games first and foremost.," he said on Sirius. "The added bonus is my veteran leadership, how I can help guys come along, how I can help put guys in position, and brainstorm even with the coaches. So all of those are assets that I can definitely bring to any organization."

The Giants have several young safeties. Landon Collins, a 2015 second-round pick is entrenched at safety. Darian Thompson (2016, Round 3), Nat Berhe (2014, Round 5), Bennett Jackson (2014, Round 6), Mykkele Thompson (2015, Round 5), and Cooper Taylor (2013, Round 5), are among those competing for playing time and roster spots.

Would there be room on the roster, and playing time, for Rolle?

"I would absolutely be open to the situation if it presents itself. You know, but obviously it would have to make sense for both teams," Rolle told Papa and Tucker. "The New York Giants, I think it would definitely make sense for both myself and the team. But let’s see what happens.”

In writing about Rolle's release on Sunday, my position was that a reunion between Rolle and the Giants doesn't seem likely. It still is, but, of course nothing can ever be ruled out. So, let's just wait and see if the Giants think it would make sense.

Ben McAdoo: "Never say never"

Giants' coach Ben McAdoo, appearing on WFAN radio Monday afternoon, addressed the question of an Antrel Rolle return.