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Joe Philbin explains why he chose job with Colts over Giants

At one time, reports were that Philbin would become Giants' offensive coordinator. Obviously, that proved incorrect.

Joe Philbin
Joe Philbin
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

When Ben McAdoo became head coach of the New York Giants one of the first people linked to McAdoo as a potential member of his coaching staff was Joe Philbin, former head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

McAdoo and Philbin worked together in Green Bay under Mike McCarthy as the tight ends coach and offensive coordinator, respectively. It was thought that Philbin's presence on the Giants staff would ease McAdoo's transition to the top job. Instead, Philbin chose to become offensive line coach for the Indianapolis Colts.

Philbin recently explained that decision:

"You make decisions that are best for you, your family," Philbin said. "I have great respect for Coach Pagano and what he’s done here, what he stands for. I thought the organization was really committed to winning a championship here. They have a great group of men. I thought the staff that he was putting together was excellent and it just fit. I lived in the Midwest for 13 years out of the last 17 and loved every minute of it, so this is where I wanted to be."

So, basically he chose the established head coach over the rookie one just trying to put a program together, as well as choosing a place he felt he wanted to bring his family.

"For me, when you're not part of something that's bigger than yourself, it's not as much fun," Philbin said. "I wanted to be somewhere I could contribute, be a part of something special. I've taken every job like it's my last job. I'm building a house here (in Indianapolis) and I plan on staying here a long time."

Honestly, that's pretty tough to argue with.