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Landon Collins commissions painting dedicated to the late Sean Taylor

Landon Collins buys a painting with him and former Redskins safety Sean Taylor.

Despite his tragically brief career in the NFL, Sean Taylor was able to show his unique talent at the safety position. His play was so highly revered that many safeties today model their game after him. One notable example includes the New York Giants own Landon Collins. In fact, during the draft process, his wish was to be a Washington Redskin.

"I grew up a Redskins fan," Collins told NFL Network a couple weeks before the 2015 draft. "I was a big Sean Taylor and Clinton Portis fan. Those were my two favorite players, so I grew up seeing them play for the Redskins, so that would be my dream, to play there."

When the Giants faced the Redskins in Washington, Collins was honored to play on the same field as Taylor.

"When I go out there and do warm-ups and stuff, I just want to look at the memory of him and his name up there and stuff like that," Collins the week leading up to the game. "It’s going to be fantastic and it’s going to be a dream come true to be on the field he played on."

To continue to honor Taylor, Collins received a painting which features both Taylor and Collins. The artist, Jeff John, has many paintings in tribute of Taylor. Now he can add a painting featuring Landon Collins to his resume as well.