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Which New York Giants games would you like to see on NFL YouTube channel?

League expanding its YouTube offerings.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL announced on Thursday that it would renew its partnership with YouTube, and that the NFL YouTube channel would have expanded offerings for 2016 including "Three of the most memorable games for each of the 32 clubs" posted in their entirety.

So, New York Giants fans, which three games would you hope to see the NFL post to its YouTube channel? It might be easy to pick any of the Giants' four Super Bowl victories. There is no mention in the NFL press release regarding Super Bowl games, but let's take a wild guess that the league isn't likely to make complete Super Bowl games available online for free.

As Vox Media's "The Verge" points out "The NFL has been slow to embrace the web as a place to distribute its content, only launching an official YouTube channel in January last year."

The NFL is saying that in addition to the three full games for each team, it will now add game highlights to YouTube while games are still in progress and that more information will be available using Google Search, including official NFL video, related news and analysis, as well as kickoff time and broadcast information for every game.

So, tell us which non-Super Bowl Giants games you would love to see on YouTube.