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The strange case of Josh Woodrum and the Giants

From priority undrafted free agent signing to ex-Giant in a flash

NCAA Football: Liberty at West Virginia
Josh Woodrum
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants likes Liberty College quarterback Josh Woodrum enough that they were calling him DURING the 2016 NFL Draft to let him know they wanted to sign him as a priority undrafted free agent if he wasn't one of the 253 drafted players.

They liked him enough that they not only signed him as an undrafted free agent, they gave him a guaranteed $20K, a large sum by UDFA contract standards. Only a few undrafted free agents get any guaranteed money from NFL teams.

Then, after rookie minicamp the Giants quickly cut ties with Woodrum and replaced him with journeyman B.J. Daniels, who had attended the minicamp on a tryout basis.

This one was a stunner. A head-scratcher. Or, as much of a stunner/head-scratcher as cutting ties with an undrafted free agent can be. These guys are NFL vagabonds, bottom of the totem pole, first guys thrown overboard when a team needs a roster spot.

Still, this one seems unusual.

It has been several years since the Giants carried three quarterbacks on their 53-man roster. Woodrum, I had been told by a respected NFL talent evaluator, was a player with the ability to change that. In fact, he was referred to as the UDFA most likely to make the team.

When media had access to watch practice on Friday, Woodrum was impressive. He threw the ball with authority and accuracy, and was the first quarterback up in drills. It was pretty clear he was the top dog among the UDFA quarterbacks.

In a brief conversation after practice, it was obvious that Woodrum had no idea he would be an ex-Giant by the end of the weekend.

“Your goal should be to make the team. I thought this organization and this scenario has given me the best opportunity to do that," Woodrum said. “It’s really all up to me. If I do well enough they may want to carry three and if I don’t they might put me on the practice squad and let me develop for a year. It’s really all about how I go about my business and handle what I can control.”

Instead, by Monday Woodrum had been waived and Daniels added to the roster as the third quarterback.

Could the Giants have spotted something on a physical exam that made them move away from Woodrum? Could something have happened during the three or four days the rookies were in the building with Giants coaches and staff that soured the Giants on Woodrum?

Most likely we will never know. All we do know is that Woodrum is now a member of the Indianapolis Colts, having been picked up by them on waivers.