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Ben Edwards placed on the Injured Reserve with a torn ACL

Ben Edwards had an injury scare earlier in the offseason, but a torn ACL at rookie mini-camp lands him on the injured reserve

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

The off-season is supposed to be a time of optimism. The period after Free Agency and the draft is supposed to be a time when fans look to potential futures with excitement. The team is supposed to be building off of the successes of the previous season, and moving past the failures.

But like the song says "Every silver lining has a touch of grey"

The New York Giants got their first -- and hopefully last -- dose of bad news Wednesday when wide receiver Ben Edwards was injured during practice at the rookie mini-camp. The young receiver, who was a favorite of the coaches and who's underdog story was building a following among fans, was waived (along with Uani 'Unga and others) as the Giants made room for their undrafted free agent signings. is now reporting that Edwards has passed through waivers without being claimed, and has been placed on the Giants' injured reserve list with a torn ACL. He had been carted off in the Giants' first off-season practices of the off-season, but he returned to the field for the rookie mini-camp.

This is a blow to a Giants team that likes Edwards, and was hoping that one of their young receivers will step up to compliment Odell Beckham, Sterling Shepard, Dwayne Harris, and (hopefully) Victor Cruz.

It's a much bigger blow to a young man who is trying to live out his dreams of playing in the NFL.