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NFL power rankings 2016: Where do Giants rank after the draft?

Let's see where the Giants stand in a variety of offseason power rankings

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NFL: New York Giants-Rookie Minicamp William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

NFL free agency is mostly a memory. The 2016 NFL Draft has come and gone. Training camps are some sort of distant dream. Sure, there are OTAs and minicamps and the like, but we are in the throes of the real NFL offseason. So, as we hit that dead zone let's take a look at 2016 NFL power rankings and see where the New York Giants stand.

CBS Sports (No. 15)

They've improved the defense in the draft and through free agency. If it comes together, they can push Dallas for the best team in the NFC East. [Full rankings]

USA Today (No. 14)

Immediate returns will be demanded from a pricey group of free agents. But GM Jerry Reese has given Ben McAdoo the tools needed to succeed in his first year as coach. [Full rankings]

ESPN (No. 18)

This team has a franchise quarterback who has never been hurt and has won two Super Bowls. They killed it in free agency, and their draft has been well reviewed. So why only 18th? Because they haven't finished .500 since Obama's first term and they no longer get (or deserve) the benefit of the doubt. [Full rankings] (No. 15)

Who knows who's going to win the NFC East? The Redskins are the defending champs, but they have a suspect running game and a quarterback who has performed at a high level for only one season. The Cowboys are a solid football team when Tony Romo is healthy, but they're set to be without their two pass rushers for the first four games of the season. Meanwhile, the Giants added several major pieces on defense in free agency, drafted corner Eli Apple in the first round, then knocked it out of the park with the second-round selection of receiver Sterling Shepard. He could be a terror in the slot. [Full rankings]

Final thoughts

Pretty much middle of the pack. Which is probably about right as they head for another season that could go either way.