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New York Giants draft grades: Big Blue View readers cast their votes

Vanderbilt v South Carolina
Jerell Adams

When it comes to opinions on how the New York Giants did in the 2016 NFL Draft, we have pretty much heard from everywhere. We have gotten draft grades from a group of analysts,. We have seen Mel Kiper tell us the Giants had "a fantastic draft." Our own "Invictus" practically drooled on his keyboard telling us how much he loved it. Yours truly broke it down in a complementary version of "Kudos & Wet Willies."

What about our loyal Big Blue View readership? I haven't forgotten that we asked you to vote and assign a letter grade following each pick. So, let's look at how the BBV community graded each pick.

Round 1 (Eli Apple, CB, Ohio State)

Grades: C -- 29 percent; F -- 26 percent; D -- 20 percent [Complete poll results]

Round 2 (Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma)

Grades: A -- 57 percent; B -- 32 percent [Complete poll results]

Round 3 (Darian Thompson, S, Boise State)

Grades: B -- 46 percent; A -- 33 percent [Complete poll results]

Round 4 (B.J. Goodson, LB, Clemson)

Grades: B -- 64 percent; A -- 18 percent [Complete poll results]

Round 5 (Paul Perkins, RB, UCLA)

Grades: B -- 49 percent; C -- 20 percent [Complete poll results]

Round 6 (Jerell Adams, TE, South Carolina)

Grades: B -- 58 percent; A - 20 percent [Complete poll results]

There you have it. All except the first pick greeted with approval by the BBV community. Have fun arguing -- nicely -- with your own opinions.