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Mailbag: New York Giants fans ask about roster, upcoming draft

Let's get to your questions and my efforts to answer them.

Reggie Ragland
Reggie Ragland
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As we continue to inch closer and closer to the 2016 NFL Draft let's open up the Big Blue View mailbag and see what questions fans of the New York Giants have this week. Our questions this week are all from Twitter.

Ed says: No. Nothing other than what had been previously reported, that Powers felt he had a good visit to New York but wasn't ready to make a decision yet. That door isn't closed.

Ed says: I would agree that 10 is a tricky spot for the Giants. There will be some curveballs in the first nine picks, so it will be fascinating to see who is on the board when they pick. As for Reggie Ragland, personally, he's a player I don't have any interest in at No. 10. I think that is way early for him, and I honestly haven't seen him connected to the Giants for quite some time. The 10th pick is, in my opinion, far more likely to come from a spot they haven't already addressed in free agency is far more likely to come from a spot they haven't already filled in free agency

Ed says: Sorry, Kevin, but I don't agree with any of that. I don't really look at it like most under- or over-rated, but I'll say this. Dwayne Harris is a pretty good player, and the Giants have some intriguing young receivers on the roster already. The offensive line guys they signed are depth guys, practice squaders, not starting caliber players. You are still looking at Marshall Newhouse as the right tackle, which means you still have to think the Giants would like to upgrade.

Ed says: That's not how the draft works. You don't go in and say we have to get one guy from positions A, B, C,D, etc. Obviously, you enter the draft knowing where you think you have weaknesses, and you hope that when it's your turn to select that perceived value meets perceived need, but that doesn't always happen. You collect as much talent as you can. Where position/need comes into play is when you have the same grade on a group of players. That's when you lean on what you believe you really need.

Ed says: I don't know if "feel good" is the right way to put it. The Giants had had losing seasons the last three years for a reason, and there is a loooong way to go before they have a championship-caliber roster. That said, on paper they are in a better place than they were when the 2015 season ended. They have upgraded the talent on defense though more work still needs to be done. They added an interest fullback/H-Back/tight end who could help, and brought in a couple of guys who could compete for depth spots on the offensive line. It's a good start.

Ed says: No, I would not. I understand that some think Florida State placekicker could go as early as the second round, but I'm not inclined to think the Giants should be the team that selects him. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned but the Giants only have six picks and they have a ton of holes to fill. If they were already a perennial playoff team or had extra picks I might feel differently but the placekicker pick still feels like a luxury one, and the Giants don't have that luxury. Besides, I still believe Josh Brown is going to be back.

Ed says: Honestly, I haven't studied every wide receiver in depth, so I can't say which one is "best." There is type I'd like to see the Giants add, which is a big-bodied guy who can make tough catches in traffic. That's really something they don't have, at least they don't have a "proven" guy who fits that mold.