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Markus Kuhn says goodbye to New York Giants via Instagram

Defensive tackle has seemingly made it official that he won't return to Big Blue in 2016.

Markus Kuhn
Markus Kuhn
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive tackle Markus Kuhn is an unrestricted free agent who has not been expected to return to the New York Giants next season. Thursday, Kuhn took to Instagram to -- apparently -- make it official that he won't be back with the Giants. He posted a picture of the Giants' facility along with the following comment:

I couldn't be more happy about my time here and I'll definitely miss that place with all the great people in this building. Good byes are never fun, even if they're just a see you later. Thank you for everything you've done for me.

It's time to move on and I couldn't be more excited where life is taking me next. You'll here about it soon....

After four seasons you won't have the 2012 seventh-round draft pick to kick around anymore. Early this evening, Kuhn tweeted that he is signing with the New England Patriots.