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2016 NFL Draft: RB Kenneth Farrow looking for an opportunity

Houston Cougars three-year team captain chats with Big Blue View

Kenneth Farrow, a running back from the University of Houston, isn't going to be an early-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. No one is comparing him to Ezekiel Elliott of Ohio State. Farrow, however, is the kind of player an NFL team is likely to take a chance on late in the draft or as an undrafted free agent. Solid collegiate production, the character shown by beingas a team captain, good enough measurables, and experience on and an appetite for special teams play.

Would the New York Giants be the team to give Farrow his NFL opportunity? There is no way to know. The only thing we do know is that Farrow spoke to a Giants scout during workouts for the College Gridiron Showcase, and that the Giants were one of the 31 teams (where were you, Tennessee Titans?) at the Houston Pro Day. Farrow dropped those tidbits of information during a recent phone conversation as he prepares for his chance to prove he belongs in the NFL.

Let's learn more about the Houston running back and see what he had to say during our phone conversation.

Why should a team be interested in adding him to their roster?

"The biggest thing that's kind of a big deal in he league right now is character. Guys getting trouble and stuff like that. One thing that I've never had a problem with. I do what I'm supposed to do.

"Skill-wise I'm a guy that's gonna go out there and do whatever it takes to help the team, whether it be special teams, punt, kickoff, whatever it is. I think at the end of the day I'm a football player. If I need to go out there and block I can do that. If I need to go catch I can catch. ... I can do whatever's asked, and I'm a hard-nosed , physical guy."

Farrow played on special teams coverage units all four seasons with Houston

"I like it. Anytime you get to go out there on the field and run around and just play the game it’s something I truly love doing. Whether it be special teams or running with the ball in my hands I love the game. Whether it be kickoff or punt coverage, going down and making a tackle, it’s something I definitely love doing."

Farrow said he earned his chance on offense by making plays on special teams.

"I was kinda down on the depth chart, still got some carries, but for the most part my carries started happening after I started making plays on kickoff and punt and stuff like that. I’m not stranger to having to make your way through special teams at all."

How does he describe himself as a running back?

"I think I'm a three-down running back. I can block, I can get the short yardage and also I can make some big plays. I pride myself in being able to do anything they need me to do, especially blocking-wise or catching out of the backfield.

"Definitely a one-cut runner. I'm north and south. I think I can make people miss probably better than most people think in open space, but I definitely like to get north and south. That's my strength, going downhill. It's hard to get me down with an arm tackle. Whenever I can get going, get that full steam, that's what I love to do, get the most yardage I can."

Can he be a receiving threat?

Farrow caught 74 passes for the Cougars, but only 10 as a senior.

"I think that's (catching) something that's kind of underrated and something I didn't get to do as much in college. I think the opportunities I did get to catch ball I don't think I had very many drops, maybe one throughout my whole college career. That's something I can definitely do is catch out of the backfield."

Farrow understands he won't hear his name called early in the draft

"Coming into the whole process you've got to evaluate yourself and evaluate where you're at. That's probably going to wind up being my route, a later-round guy and really have to make some plays to really open up some eyes. But that's something I'm not a stranger to ... kinda being the underdog my whole playing career. That's something I take pride in. If you take me late a bunch of teams missed out.

"Being able to get on a team that is willing to get me in the later rounds or a priority free agent, whatever the case may be, it just makes the journey all the better once it does finally start happening."

Farrow grew up as a Dallas Cowboys fan and has never been to New York City

"I don't even know too much about it. I know the lifestyle there is way different than down south. I've heard everything's a lot faster. What is it, Towne Square? I'd probably have to check that out and see what everybody loves about that. All those big buildings is not something you see too much down here."

What three people would he like to have dinner with?

LaDanian Tomlinson
Michael Jordan
President Obama