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Giants NFL draft rumors: Could Giants trade up for Ezekiel Elliott?

Draft eve just got a little more interesting.

Ezekiel Elliott
Ezekiel Elliott
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

There is nothing like some good draft rumors to liven up the eve of the 2016 NFL Draft, and is reporting a doozy involving the New York Giants. NFL Insider Ian Rapoport is reporting that the No. 8 pick currently held by the Cleveland Browns is for sale, and that the Giants are one of the teams inquiring about the price. The Giants' target, per Rapoport? Ohio State running Ezekiel Elliott.

Rapoport did not come right out and say that the Giants were actively trying to move up. He did say the Browns had "spoken to a handful of teams" and that the Giants -- along with the Chicago Bears at No. 11 and Miami Dolphins at No. 13 were the teams that made sense as trade partners. is also saying that the Browns are "locked in" on a specific player at No. 8 and would only deal the pick "if that player is gone or if someone 'blows our socks off.' "

Would the Giants really do this? Remember that GM Jerry Reese always says "we investigate everything," and it's possible that whatever interested the Giants showed was simple due diligence. If they really are interested in moving up, can they afford to make an offer that would blow Cleveland's socks off? Should they?

Long-time readers know I have never been a fan of selecting running backs early. Personally, I would have a really difficult time approving of a deal that saw the Giants, with needs in multiple areas, give up picks in this draft to move up for a running back. Even one as talented as Elliott, the sixth-ranked player on our Consensus Big Board. If he is the best player on the board when the Giants select, that's a different argument.

Myles Jack falling?

As he has consistently maintained, Dan Graziano of ESPN tweeted Wednesday night that his "understanding is that the Giants will not take Myles Jack." Jordan Ranaan is reporting that Jack is "off the Giants board."

Rapoport is reporting that concern about Jack's knee "could very well create a tumble out of the top 10." NFL Network's Mike Mayock reportedly told Newsday that he would be "very surprised" if Jack went in the top 10 on Thursday night. Peter Schrager of FOX Sports believes Jack "could honestly go anywhere from 5 to 20."