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Mike Mayock 2016 mock draft: OT Jack Conklin to New York Giants

NFL draft guru Mike Mayock selects Jack Conklin to finish the Giants' offensive line.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the final hours before the 2016 NFL Draft. Mock drafts have been coming fast and furiously since Monday, after coming regularly since the end of the regular season. There were so many mock drafts that we even started our own mock draft database to cover all the picks made for the New York Giants.

But there is one draft analyst who hasn't released a mock draft. Until now. As has become his tradition, the NFL Network's Mike Mayock releases one, and only one, mock draft each year.

The past few years he has been pretty accurate in regards to the Giants (for whom Mayock used to play).

In 2013 he picked Syracuse offensive tackle Justin Pugh for the Giants, who the Giants ultimately selected.. In 2014 he had the Giants selecting North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron (Ebron was drafted one pick earlier, and the Giants selected Odell Beckham Jr, who Mayock had going one pick later to the Rams). In 2015, Mayock had the Giants selecting Brandon Scherff. Scherff was drafted before the Giants' pick, so they selected Ereck Flowers, who Mayock picked for the Rams with the next pick.

So with all that in mind, let's see who Mayock has the Giants picking in 2016.

10. New York Giants -- Jack Conklin (OT, Michigan State)

I look at this team and I think, you better protect your franchise quarterback. So with the tenth pick, I think they're going with, Jack Conklin from Michigan State, the tackle. Six five, and a half, 308 pounds long arms. Now, this kid, he can start on the right side and I think that's where he's going to stay because of Ereck Flowers a year ago. Now you have bookend rookei first round tackles, you protect your quarterback and you also run the football. I'll tell you who he reminds me of, Kyle Long from the Bears.

Raptor's Take: It's not the sexy pick, it probably won't even be a popular pick -- which, if we're being honest, probably makes it mroe likely -- but this could be the pick that makes sense. The Giants have a lot of needs, but the drop-off from the first five offensive tackles to the next four is a drastic one. Conklin has a lot of the traits the Giants have been looking for in their offensive linemen, in particular, he is a mean, tough, nasty brawler and surprisingly athletic. Conklin needs work on his feet, but much like Flowers, his athleticism, long arms, strength, and bloody-mindedness will see him through.

Mayock has the Titans trading back up to 8th overall to draft Laremy Tunsil, but had that not happened, it could be an option here. He also has Leonard Floyd going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at ninth overall.

How do you feel about Mayock's pick?