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2016 NFL Draft: Never count out Auburn OL Shon Coleman

Beat the odds? More like pulverize them into tiny fragments.

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Shon Coleman was a two-year starter at left-tackle for the Auburn Tigers, earning second-team All-SEC honors along the way. He's a talented run-blocker who could work well for the New York Giants at guard. Coleman needs some development, but everything in his past points to the ability to overcome whatever life can kick his way.



  • Could step in at guard and potentially be the best run blocker on a dozen teams.
  • Fully occupies defenders on run plays. Engages, pushes, and eliminates them from play.
  • Beat cancer, so if he wants to be an NFL player, he has the mental determination to do whatever it takes.
  • Earned two full degrees at college, a B.A. and a Masters, so there are no worries about studying the playbook here.


  • Pass protection needs major work. Played left-tackle in college, but projects better as a right-guard.
  • Needs high level of strength and conditioning to succeed in the NFL.
  • MCL surgery forced him to skip Senior Bowl and Pro-Day.

Prospect Video

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 66th

Mocking The Draft - 56th

CBS - 63rd

Draft Tek - 43rd

Does He Fit With the Giants?

As a rookie, Coleman would compete for one of the two spots on the right. He may not have what it takes to be a tackle, but his run blocking abilities have to be attractive at guard. Honestly, Coleman is the opposite of John Jerry. For everyone out there who criticizes Jerry's on-field play, watch someone like Coleman and see if you're any happier. If you could combine Jerry's conservative yet effective pass protection and Coleman's run-mauling, then you would have an All-Pro right guard.

I think Coleman would make sense for the Giants. He offers too much to fall to Day 3, but his struggles with protection and current injury status are what keeps him out of contention for the pick at No. 40. If the Giants think they can coach him up, and I think they could, then this would be a good pick in the third round or so. He's a versatile offensive lineman, with a somewhat limited skill set right now but all the measurements and mental acuity point to him having a really bright future.

Final Thoughts

I think the Giants are very specific about what they want in their offensive linemen, and I think it changes year-to-year based on what void they're trying to fill. Justin Pugh and Ereck Flowers are very different players, and you couldn't really say "Well, they took Pugh, so Flowers makes sense." Perhaps Coleman is their type of guard, perhaps he's not. I honestly don't know. I think he's good enough to warrant a Day 2 pick if he fits this year's OL criteria.

He injured his MCL late in the year, and had to have a minor procedure on it, so there's a chance he falls into the third round. If that's the case, and the Giants haven't taken a lineman at that time, he would be the guy with the highest upside. The injury isn't major, and it's unfortunate because of the timing. Missing out on the Senior Bowl and his Pro Day cost him a lot of the draft attention, and many media analysts simply chalk him up as a medical red flag rather than going deep on his game tape.

There are a lot of other guys out there that could play a similar role to Coleman, but it would be hard to find someone as mentally tough. I don't like making profiles about a player's personal life, but beating cancer will make you one hell of a person. Having the ability to keep on going even when things aren't working for you is the epitome of being an offensive lineman.