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Five things I think I think about the Giants and the 2016 NFL Draft

Odds are that if you think you know what will happen in the draft, you don't know what will happen in the draft.

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Tired of talking about the 2016 NFL Draft yet? Well, yeah, I know you just want it to be Thursday night already. Anyway, since we have  couple more days to talk about what the New York Giants might do here are "Five things I think I think" about the Giants and the draft.

I think where there's smoke, there's fire

That's a very cliche way of saying that I do believe the Giants have strong interest in Georgia outside linebacker Leonard Floyd. There is just waaaaay too much chatter connecting the Giants and Floyd for there not to be anything driving it. Argue all you want about whether or not Floyd is a perfect fit for a 4-3, or fuss about his age and his collegiate production if you have to. The Giants haven't had a linebacker with Floyd's athletic skill set and potential in a long, long time. There aren't a lot of difference-making edge rushers in this draft class, but Floyd could be one of them. The fact that he's different than anything the Giants have had on their defense in recent years isn't a bad thing. Adding something new is, in fact, a good thing.

I think I don't know what to think about Myles Jack

Speaking of linebackers with incredible skill sets, that describes UCLA's Myles Jack. By now you probably know all about how everyone has a different about Jack's knee, his long-term NFL future, and how high or low he will go in the draft. Some will tell you he doesn't get past the Jacksonville Jaguars at five. Others will tell you he could slide as far as 17 to the Atlanta Falcons.

What will the Giants do if Jack is still available at 10? I honestly have no idea. If Floyd is still there, they might take Floyd rather than take the risk on Jack's knee. Only GM Jerry Reese and the Giants truly know how they feel about Jack's knee. The only thing I think I do know is that if Giants doctors see any long-term risk I believe the Giants would pass.

Keep in mind what Reese said during his pre-draft press conference:

"We listen to our doctors. If our doctors say the risk is too high or reject guys, we don't take them. If the injury is so significant ... It's like school. F is bad and A is good. Anything in between... If it's a C, there's some risk. If there's a D, there is a lot of risk, and if it's an F, we're not going to take them. It's hard for us to take a D. We rarely take a D."

Only the Giants know for sure what grade they have on Jack's knee.

I think picks 3-9 are a total mystery

Forget the annual contest The Huddle Report runs to see who does the most accurate annual Round 1 mock draft. I think if you can sit here right now and peg exactly what will happen from the time the San Diego Chargers are scheduled to pick third overall and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are expected to pick No. 9 in front of the Giants then maybe you should have Mel Kiper's job. The draft is filled with intrigue every year, but this year especially. I not only have no idea which players will be selected 3-9, but with the possibility of teams like the Tennessee Titans and Miami Dolphins reportedly wanting into the top 10, I don't have a clue which teams will be making what picks.

I think if the Giants move, they move down

The Giants have to move up for Ezekiel Elliott. Or Floyd. Or Jack. Or somebody who will be off the board in the first nine picks. Whether it's in the comments here or on social media, you see people all the time who have fallen in love with a player and think the Giants need to get said player no matter the cost.

I say it over and over -- moving down usually is of more benefit than moving up. What, exactly, would the Giants move up with? They have only six picks. They don't exactly have excess young talent laying around on the roster they can afford to trade away.

If Floyd and Jack are gone, or they don't want to take the risk with Jack, then I believe trading down to Miami's spot at 13 or Tennessee's spot at 15 and collecting an extra pick makes sense. What happens if the pick is not Floyd or Jack, and they can't find a trade partner to move down? My guess is the fallback would be the best offensive tackle or cornerback on their board.

I think we have you covered

In case you haven't noticed there is an absolutely ridiculous amount of draft information relating to the Giants available right here at Big Blue View.

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