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Sam Bradford apparently demanding trade from Philadelphia Eagles

Gee, he's unhappy that Philly is about to draft his replacement. Who could have predicted that?

Sam Bradford
Sam Bradford
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles recently made a dramatic move up in the 2016 NFL Draft, almost certainly to select a quarterback. That doesn't sit well with Sam Bradford, the guy who started for the Eagles last year and whom they are still calling their starter. Bradford has apparently told the Eagles he wants out.

The Eagles were apparently not aware of Bradford's intentions.

Hard to believe the Eagles were "blindsided" by Bradford being unhappy and wanting to leave. How did they think he would react after they basically mortgaged their future to move up and select his replacement?

Our friends at Bleeding Green Nation are calling this "a bad look for Bradford" and that "The Eagles are likely disappointed by this news. They've made it clear they view Bradford as their starter for the 2016 season."

Are you surprised by Bradford's move? Or, like me, are you surprised that the Eagles are apparently surprised?