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New York Giants draft rumors: Leonard Floyd, Myles Jack, Laquon Treadwell, more

You want draft rumors about the Giants? We've got draft rumors about the Giants.

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Leonard Floyd
Leonard Floyd
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

We have gotten to the point now where we can begin counting down the hours until the 2016 NFL Draft. The rumors are flying fast and furious as you might expect, including several that could impact the New York Giants. Let's start your Draft Week by catching up with the rumor mill.

Leonard Floyd "guaranteed " to go in top 10

Leonard Floyd, Leonard Floyd, Leonard Floyd. All the draft talk surrounding the Giants these days seems to revolve around the possibility that the Giants might select the Georgia linebacker 10th overall, and whether or not that is a good idea. During his Saturday morning radio show on ESPN, draft guru Mel Kiper said Floyd is "a guaranteed top 10 pick."

Which means that IF he gets to the Giants at 10, Kiper believes he won't get past them. Of course, Kiper is among those who isn't sold on Floyd as a future star.

"All I keep hearing is Leonard Floyd, Leonard Floyd, Leonard Floyd. I watched the tape, I watched the games and I didn't see the dominance," Kiper said.

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Myles Jack, chondral defects, the NFL draft

You learn all sorts of things when you study players and pay attention to the NFL draft. Thanks to UCLA linebacker Myles Jack and NFL insider Albert Breer, "chondral defect" is part of the 2016 NFL Draft lexicon.

There is also this from Peter King:

The problem for the Giants with Jack is the longevity issue. GM Jerry Reese still talks wistfully about 2008 first-round pick Kenny Phillips, who was headed for stardom until an arthritic knee derailed his career. Are we looking at that type of situation all over again?

Trading down for Treadwell?

Would the Giants trade down from the 10th overall pick if the player they covet, whether it be Floyd or someone else, is already off the board? You know yours truly believes there are solid reasons to do just that. Draft Insider Tony Pauline reported recently that the Ole Miss wide receiver "is in the mix" for the Giants at 10.

"I continue to hear Laquon Treadwell is in the mix for the New York Giants at the 10th pick. Though just speculation, I could see the Giants trading down, collecting extra picks then getting Treadwell in the middle of Round 1. The Tennessee Titans could be the perfect trading partner, as the team has a host of extra selections, thanks to the trade with the Los Angeles Rams, and have stated their desire to move back into the draft's top 10 selections."

Speaking of the Titans

Pauline isn't the only one who thinks Tennessee, with a massive cache of picks after dealing the No. 1 overall pick to the Los Angeles Rams, will move back into the top 10. That is a commonly held opinion, and speaking with Kiper on Saturday former NFL executive Phil Savage, now director of the Reese's Senior Bowl, guaranteed it.

"The Tennessee Titans will move back into the top 10," Savage said, listing the San Francisco 49ers (7), Cleveland Browns 9) and Giants as possible partners. "If Tunsil is still on the board at eight that's a done deal."

Battle over Ezekiel Elliott?

Bleacher Report's Jason Cole reported a few days ago that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones covets Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott. Dallas, of course, has the fourth overall pick. The Miami Dolphins, who pick 13th, are also believed to be hopeful of finding a way to land Elliott. Would the Dolphins have to move all the way to No. 3 (San Diego Chargers) to get that done? If the Cowboys pass on Elliott and he is still in play at No. 10, could that make Miami a potential trade partner for the Giants?

"I just can't see him getting past the Giants at 10 I don't think there's a chance he would get past the 10th pick overall," Kiper said on Saturday.

Lance Zierlein of believes that the Dolphins will somehow end up with Elliott.

Jaylon Smith: "Very good chance" of nerve recovery

How far Jaylon Smith, who might have been the first non-quarterback selected in the draft had he not suffered a devastating knee injury Jan. 1, is anyone's guess. So, for that matter, is when he will play again and how much long-term damage has been done.

Smith's surgeon, Dr. Dan Cooper, told USA Today he is "optimistic that his knee itself will be stable and a good knee and he'll get all his strength back. And I also think he has a very good chance of getting his nerve recovery back."

By the way, a nod here to our "Fanposts" section, where a poll about when the Giants should consider drafting Smith resides. Feel free to vote, and to use the "Fanposts" section to express yourself when a comment just won't do.