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WATCH: New York Giants GM Jerry Reese to hold pre-draft press conference

For the most part, though, we already know what Reese will say.

New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese will hold his annual pre-draft press conference Thursday. You can watch the proceedings live on at 11:45 a.m. ET. Just don't expect to learn a whole lot.

Reese has go-to lines he uses every year. Listen and you will hear something like this:

Q: Jerry, are you leaning toward offense or defense with the 10th pick?

Reese: "We'll take the best player available."

Q: What are you hoping for from the 10th pick?

Reese: "We expect to get a good player who will come in and play quickly."

Q: After all the free-agent signings on defense, do you need to concentrate on offense in the draft?

Reese: "We want good players at every position."

Q: Teams are trading all over the place already. Would you move from the 10th spot?

Reese: "We'll keep all our options open."

Q: After three straight losing seasons, will you change anything about the type of players you draft?

Reese: "You never bat a thousand in personnel. Every player is a risk."


Truthfully, we shouldn't expect Reese or any GM to give away his plans at this point. Hopefully, though, we do learn a few things from Reese today. Follow along live withe the Twitter feed from Giants writers, including yours truly, below.I won't be in New Jersey today, but I'l be watching Reese's press conference. I will tweet what I can and will offer an analysis of his remarks once he's done.