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New York Giants uniform news and player numbers

Numbers and colors!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With new signings come new numbers, and it appears as though several recent additions to the New York Giants roster have chosen their preliminary jerseys for the upcoming season. It is important to note here that things change throughout the preseason, so if you're a fan of any signing and looking to get a shiny new jersey, it may be best to wait until September rolls around when things become  a little more concrete.

Marquee free-agent Olivier Vernon looks to be wearing No. 54 right now. That's going to look strange at defensive-end, but does have a nice late 1980's feel to it given the top pass-rushers of that era.

Damon "Snacks" Harrison has chosen No. 98 after an extensive Twitter poll to decide his choice. This is actually a strong number for a defensive tackle to wear. It's always nice when the design matches the product, and the big and clunky #98 should give a nice solid look to a player looking to build a wall at the front line of the defense.

Prince Amukamara signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars this off-season, and his shoes -- and in this case literal jersey number -- have been filled by fellow cornerback Janoris Jenkins who will look to make his own mark in the 20.

Kelvin Sheppard is going with 91, which isn't as blasphemous to Giants legend Justin Tuck as it may seem as Sheppard will be playing linebacker.

Running back Bobby Rainey has chosen 33, which is good because any master number (a double digit number whose characters are identical, bet you didn't think you'd learn something when you clicked on this) is a good look on a jersey.

Other numbers assigned for training camp were OL Byron Stingily 75, LS Tyler Ott 48, LB James Morris 43, FB Will Johnson 46, K Tom Obarski 5, WR Anthony Dablé 8.

There was also a string of changes for existing players on the team. This isn't uncommon as last year's additions and draft picks may have had ideal numbers occupied by other players and not had first choice on the matter. As a result, two of last year's draft class and one free-agent have changed over for 2016.

LT Ereck Flowers has switched from No. 76 to No. 74, which was his old college number at Miami. I doubt there are a huge amount of fans out there wearing offensive lineman jerseys, but it's never a good look when first round picks change things up on the same team.

FS Mykkele Thompson has gone from No. 27 to No. 22, with a similar line of thinking because he wore No. 2 in college, but can't wear that in the NFL because of positional number restrictions so he has gone with the master number equivalent. Good choice.

LB Jonathan Casillas has switched from #54 to #52, a number he has worn for the New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You think perhaps he likes that number?

Color Rush Update

Last week, many people would have seen an image floating around social media. The image claimed to show swatches for every upcoming "Color Rush" uniform in 2016, including a red-and-blue stripe pattern for the Giants. As of right now, reports are still flying all over the place in confirmation and denial of this design sheet, and until we see confirmation from a reputable source, it's best to not take anyone's word for it.

From what we see in the tweet from "NFL Leaks", it looks the proposed design is a throwback to the 1930 uniform which featured a red base, white numbers with blue shoulders. As far as classic looks go, it was one of the nicer vintage uniforms.

If they do go with a red jersey, making it a throwback rather than an alternate is a really cool way to do it. It may also break up the monotony of the color-blocking that went on during Thursday Night Football games last season. The matching jersey, pants and socks was not met with favorable reviews.

So, what if the design sheet is real? What would that look like today? You're lucky I have a background in this kind of thing, because I put together a mock-up for your viewing pleasure. It's a Nike college base, but you get the general idea.

Now it's just a quick concept so don't judge it too harshly on details like missing NY logos or helmet numbers. I just wanted to get an impression of what the overall scheme in the supposed leak may look like as an actual uniform. Personally, I don't think the Giants will get away with grey pants for the "Color Rush" games, but here's hoping because red or blue pants with this would look downright comical.