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2016 NFL Draft: Philadelphia Eagles trade up with the Cleveland Browns to No. 2 overall

The Browns and Eagles work out a trade to cloud the 2016 NFL draft even more

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams kicked off what looks to be a wild draft weekend when they traded up from 15th to the first overall pick in the 2016 draft. Since that trade was announced, there had been reports that the Cleveland Browns could be working on trade options to move out of the second overall pick. Those reports were proven were confirmed Wednesday afternoon when it was announced that they had reached a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This is the second trade the Eagles have made this offseason, swapping first round choices with the Miami Dolphins to get the eighth overall pick. In Ed's yearly edition of his "Rules For Draft Success" he mentions that it's only smart to trade up when it is for a quarterback, and you need a quarterback. In all likelihood the Eagles will be drafting whichever signal caller the Rams don't select.

And they had better have good evaluations of both Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, because this will be the seventh time that quarterbacks have gone first and second in the draft -- and it's not a pretty history. With the exception of the 2015 draft (it's still too early to tell), when quarterbacks are selected with the first two picks, one has at the very least struggled.

2015 - Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota

2012 - Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III

1999 - Tim Couch and Donovan McNabb

1998 - Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf

1993 - Drew Bledsoe and Rick Mirer

1971 - Jim Plunkett and Archie Manning *note: Archie was a very good quarterback, but he landed on a terrible team. Plunkett had success once he reached the Oakland Raiders

There have also been reports that the San Diego Chargers have been getting interest in the third overall pick, and that the Tennessee Titans are interested in moving back into the Top 10 for an offensive tackle.

We still don't know how this will affect the New York Giants or rest of the Top 10, but it seems likely that at least one more deal will be made. What we do know is that mock drafts are disappearing in a flash.