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2016 NFL Draft: What might a Giants-Titans draft-day trade look like?

Let's try this one on for size.

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Earlier this week, yours truly advocated the idea that the New York Giants should trading down from No. 10 in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, particularly if the Tennessee Titans -- with the 15th pick and six of the top 76 selections -- were interested in moving up.

Well, that is precisely what has happened in a seven-round mock draft from Pro Football Focus that uses a different "general manager" for each team. So, just for the sake of argument and for an example of what a Giants-Titans deal might look like, let's see how that played out. And yes, I understand this mock was undertaken before the big Philadelphia Eagles-Cleveland Browns trade once again shook up the board.

My preference would be to get the 33rd pick from Tennessee, or at least one of their other second-round picks (43 or 45). That didn't happen in this scenario. Instead the Giants swapped places with Tennessee, and got the first pick of the third round (64th overall) and the first pick of the fifth round (140th overall) from the Titans.

Is that enough? The trade value chart says the 10th pick the Giants surrendered is worth 1,300 points. The 15th pick is worth 1,050, the 64th is worth 270 and the 140th worth 35.4. That's a total of 1,355.5, so the chart tells us the value is just about right.

Reality is, though, the way to judge any trade like this is by the players selected.

How was the 10th pick acquired by the Titans in this mock scenario used? Surprisingly, to me, it was used to select TCU wide receiver Josh Doctson.

What you really care about, though, is what the Giants were able to get at 15. With that 15th pick, the Giants were able to land Michigan State offensive tackle Jack Conklin.

Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley went No. 11 to the Chicago Bears and Ezekiel Elliott went No. 13 to the Miami Dolphins. If you're on the Elliott bandwagon that will bug you, but he wouldn't be my choice there so it doesn't bother me that he's gone at 15. Cornerbacks Vernon Hargreaves and William Jackson, linebacker Leonard Floyd, and wide receiver Laquon Treadwell are also still on the board at No. 15 in addition to Conklin in this draft scenario, so in my judgment this first-round move worked out beautifully for the Giants.

This draft gets crazy after Round 1, with the Giants doing un-Giants like things and swapping all over the board. They end up picking at 35 (Leonte Carroo), 64 (getting Stanford offensive tackle Kyle Murphy with one of the picks from the Titans), 71 (guard Isaac Seumalo of Oregon State), 72 (Ohio State linebacker Josh Perry) in the first three rounds.

Read it yourself to figure out how all that happened. Biggest point is the Giants can still get a good, desirable player at 15 while adding extra picks.