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After spending spree, will Giants have money for Beckham, others?

Money, and other matters, are addressed in this week's mailbag.

Odell Beckham Jr.
Odell Beckham Jr.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As we have been doing every weekend over the past few weeks, let's open the Big Blue View mailbag and see what questions about the New York Giants are on the minds of the fan base this week. Our questions this time around come from our @bigblueview followers on Twitter.

Ed says: I wouldn't worry about that just yet. They gave Jason Pierre-Paul a one-year deal because no one, not even Pierre-Paul himself, is really sure what kind of player he will be. They have two more years with Beckham and a fifth-year option, so it could be three years before they have to deal with that. They have two more years with Weston Richburg. They have a fifth-year option available with Justin Pugh after this year. We'll see what happens with Hankins. The cap will continue to rise. I haven't figured out all the permutations, but you're worrying too much right now. The Giants will have plenty of money to work with. Looking toward the future is also one reason you don't spend every dime of the money you have available under the cap. You can carry that unused money to the next year.

Ed says: No. But that might be because I would have absolutely zero interest in doing that if I was making decisions for the Giants. The Giants only have six draft picks to begin with. Why would they give up another one for a running back?

Ed says: Are we talking about the first round or the whole draft? You can't lock yourself into saying "we are taking a player from position X in the first round." That's how you screw up. You identify a group of players you would like and think will be available at your spot, then see who is on the board when it's your turn. I am reasonably certain the Giants will draft an offensive lineman at some point in the draft. Other than that, let's see who is available when they pick.

Ed says: Slim. If you take a running back he darn well better be Adrian Peterson-level good. The Giants have a lot of holes and a lot of other needs, and they could likely help themselves a lot more by adding more defensive players or finishing their offensive line.Picking Elliott is possible, I just don't see it as a the likely move for the Giants.

Ed says: In terms of second-year guys, the ones you have to look at are Owa Odighizuwa and Bobby Hart. Odighizuwa has a chance to be the third defensive end, to rotate in to rest Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon or be used on pass-rushing downs. His biggest problem is that he missed so much time as a rookie and that sets him back. Hart has a chance to unseat John Jerry and be the right guard.