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2016 NFL Draft: Myles Jack -- medical risk or smokescreen?

The Giants need their first-round pick to play, and have a reasonable expectation that he will play for a long time. Do the reports about Myles Jack take him off their board?

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Late last week we gave an update on three players -- Shaq Lawson, Jaylon Smith, and Myles Jack -- who were facing medical re-checks before next week's draft.

All three players would likely be of interest to to the New York Giants, and if healthy all three could certainly help New York's new-look defense.

There were conflicting reports Friday about the mood of the various NFL teams regarding Jack's knee, and their concern or optimism for his future.

Monday, reports surfaced that at least some in the NFL have a very dim view of Jack's knee.

John Thornton, Jack's agent, tweeted a video of the linebacker running through drills in response to the "Time Bomb" tweet.

Jack certainly doesn't look like a player with a knee problem in that video, and his trademark athleticism leaps off the screen.

But, this is draft season, and the draft is almost upon us. Smokescreens abound and are spread by all sides. Teams try to hide their intentions, and try to influence other teams. Prospects and their agents try to boost stock and put forth a polished image. The safest course of action this time of year is to believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Really, we're all along for the ride, and it will come out in the wash at draft time.

Is this really a smokescreen put forth by teams hoping to cause Jack to slide? If he does happen to slide should the Giants take him if their doctors give him a passing grade? Or is the chance that he is another Kenny Phillips -- a player with elite ability but who's career could be cut short by injury -- too much of a risk to take?