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Fans want to know: Will Giants draft Jaylon Smith? Laquon Treadwell? Sign Dominique Easley?

Let's open the mailbag for this week and see what tumbles out.

Jaylon Smith
Jaylon Smith
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

We are les than two weeks from the 2016 NFL Draft. With that in mind, let's open the Big Blue View mailbag and see what New York Giants-related questions have been submitted this week.

Ed says: No, I don't. We talked about this on the "Big Blue Chat" podcast this week. I do not believe the Giants, who have only six draft picks, have a roster that needs help, and are facing immense pressure from ownership to break a string of three straight losing seasons, are in the position to make a "futures" pick like this. To me, they need a player who will help them in 2016. Now, if Smith is available in the third round -- and I have my doubts that he will be -- I think you really have to think about it.

Ed says: Sorry, "Coach," but I don't think the Giants go in that direction. Many analysts are beginning to see they believe NFL teams don't see any receivers going in the top 20. CBS draft analyst Dane Brugler told us during the "Big Blue Chat" podcast that he believes the "sweet spot" in this draft for finding good wide receivers is Day 2. I happen to agree. Somewhere from Round to Round 4 is where I believe you will see the Giants select a wide receiver.

Ed says: Easley passed through waivers and no NFL team put in a claim. Should the Giants express interest? Well, let's put it this way. Bill Belichick, who knows a couple of things about NFL talent, just cut Easley and signed Markus Kuhn. I think that's the answer to that question.

Ed says: I would like to see Hankins stay with the Giants, but do I think they should get that done now? Not really. I do believe the Giants need to stop this, draft a defensive tackle, use him until his rookie contract expires, then let him go merry-go-round they've been on for years. I'm OK with waiting to sign him, though, especially after a year where he only played half the games.

Nat Karol asks (via e-mail): In the happy but unlikely event that both Lawson and Stanley are available now when the Giants pick whom would you choose? If neither is available would you "reach" and take Kevin Dodd or Jack Conklin or would you prefer Hargreaves if he is still on the board?

Ed says: If I'm choosing between purely between Stanley and Lawson, I'm taking Stanley. I believe it's critical to finish the offensive line, even though I understand the argument that the Giants have already used a disproportionate amount of draft resources there in recent years. There is also this to consider: If you draft Stanley you get a guy who will play every snap from Day 1. If you draft Lawson, you get a guy at 10 who probably plays 20 snaps. Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon are not coming off the field.

John M. Scott asks (via e-mail): Imagine you're Jerry Reese on draft day -- you're up at No. 10. Tunsil, Ramsey, Bosa, Jack, Buckner, Stanley & Hargreaves are off the board. Still available are Elliott, Lawson, Floyd, Conklin, Treadwell, Rankins, Billings, Spence, etc. Phone is ringing from the Raiders & Colts, both wanting to trade up. You can either move back to 14 and collect a 3rd round pick (75th overall), or move back to 18 and collect a 2nd round pick (48th overall). What would you do?

Ed says: This question came in before the Los Angeles Rams-Tennessee Titans trade, so you have to put the Titans in as potential trade partners as well, since they have six of the top 76 picks. This honestly depends on the Giants draft board. I'm always in favor of a trade down to collect more picks, especially if you believe there will be a player available you will be happy with at whatever spot you move down to. I don't think I would want to move past 14 or past Tennessee at 15, but I would have to seriously consider it.

Ed says: Not to be sarcastic, or overly simplistic, but of course they have a chance. As for how many wins, one of our staff contributors went through game-by-game and predicted 10-6 overall. Honestly, I think it's silly to try to make that prediction now. The season starts in six months. The draft hasn't been held. We don't know who will be injured, or really how good any of the teams on the Giants' schedule will actually be. We also don't know how Ben McAdoo will react to being the boss once the games start. This could be another miserable six-win season. It could be a 10-win season. Right now, any number I would put out there would be a total guess.