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2016 NFL Draft: How did Jaylon Smith, Myles Jack, and Shaq Lawson fare in medical re-checks?

Three of the top prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft reported to Indianapolis Thursday and Friday for medical re-checks.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday and Friday were the days for medical re-checks before the 2016 NFL Draft, and were (obviously) a huge days for several prospects.

Predictably, a pair of linebackers who were the object of every Giants fans' desires, and one of the prospects most often mocked to the Giants were among those called in for re-checks. So, how did Shaq Lawson, Myles Jack, and Jaylon Smith fare in their pre-draft exams?

Shaq Lawson

Lawson was flagged by one team with concerns about his right shoulder. He had dislocated it earlier in his college career, and wore a brace on his upper arm in his final year at Clemson.

Lawson apparently got good news from his exam.

That brace is still a mystery for us out here, but it seems as though it isn't a concern. We also do not yet know which team flagged Lawson for the re-check.

Myles Jack

Despite not playing for most of the 2015 season, Jack's stock has risen throughout the draft process. While he wasn't playing, scouts and evaluators have had more time to watch his tape and see his effortless and explosive athleticism. In a league that is asking more and more of its defenders, with offenses that are stressing defenses in new and interesting ways, a player like Jack is almost indispensable. That is, if he's healthy. The torn meniscus that ended his 2015 season has has so far kept him from performing a full workout for teams, something that has some clubs worried.

These reports are obviously concerning, but it's also important to keep in mind that the closer to the draft we get -- and we're only 13 days away -- the denser the smokescreens get. The teams that are "concerned" might just be trying to sow doubt in teams picking before them, or trying to disguise their own interest.

Jaylon Smith

I've made no secret of my love for Jaylon Smith as a football player. As someone who loves defensive football, it was a simple joy to watch him on the field in 2015 -- particularly as the Giants' attempts at fielding a defense grew increasingly futile. But then he suffered his now famous knee injury in the last game of his college career. NFL teams are obviously interested to see how his damaged nerves are progressing.

While he was once considered the best player in this draft class, and a lock to be a top five pick, his draft stock is now anything but certain. If teams believe that he could once again be the player he was, could he still see his name called in the first two days? How many teams will be willing to wait a year to see if they could get the best linebacker to come out since Luke Kuechly?