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Former Giant Preston Parker arrested in Florida

The former Giants receiver has been arrested on a variety of charges.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Roughly a year ago, the New York Giants were quietly confident in Preston Parker as a back-up plan in case Victor Cruz wouldn't be able to return from the knee injury that ended his 2014 season. Parker, who had been plagued by unreliable hands through out his NFL career, seemed to shake that stigma as a Giant and let his toughness and reliable route-running shine through.

When Cruz suffered a torn calf fascia and was unable to return for the 2015 season, Parker became the Giants third receiver, practically a starter. He was quickly released when his inability to hang on to the ball contributed to Eli Manning's dubious honor of having more passes dropped than any other quarterback at the start of the season.

But things have just gotten worse for the former Giant.

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that Parker was arrested Thursday and is being charged with allegedly possessing cocaine, unlawfully displaying a firearm, and reportedly destroying evidence in what started as a routine traffic stop. This isn't the first time Parker has had a run-in with the law, he was arrested three times before being dismissed from Florida State.