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NFL Free Agency 2016: WRs Mohamed Sanu, Rishard Matthews off the market

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Potential target Mohammed Sanu will sign with the Falcons, so what next for the Giants' receiving corps?

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UPDATE 10:26 p.m.]

While the New York Giants were busy throwing gobs of money at their defense on Wednesday, their chances of finding a No. 2 wide receiver to pair with Odell Beckham Jr. took a major hit. Yes, Victor Cruz will return on a restructured contract. Wide receivers Marvin Jones [Detroit Lions], Mohamed Sanu (Atlanta Falcons) and now Rishard Matthews are off the market. Matthews reportedly signed a three-year deal on Wednesday night with the Tennessee Titans.


It had previously been reported that the New York Giants were very interested in now former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Mohamed Sanu as a replacement for Rueben Randle.

A local player and product of Rutgers university, the Giants were impressed by Sanu's work ethic and character, as well as his talent.

However, it looks like the Giants will have to look elsewhere, as Sanu is on his way to visit the Atlanta Falcons, a visit that will apparently include a contract signing.

The next most logical target for a replacement for Randle is Dolphins receiver Rishard Matthews. Matthews was a productive second option until suffering a rib injury and missing the last four weeks. He has gotten better every season but has been overshadowed by LSU Alum Jarvis Landry.

If they can't find a receiver in free agency, then the draft becomes an option. This draft isn't as loaded with top-end talent as the previous two drafts were, but the strength is at the second tier and "No. 2" wide receivers.