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NFL free agency 2016: Malik Jackson to sign with Jacksonville Jaguars, per report

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The first big domino of the 2016 free agency period has fallen with Malik Jackson agreeing in principle to sign with the Jaguars.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

For most of the 2016 offseason, New York Giants fans have targeted Denver Broncos' defensive tackle Malik Jackson as a priority addition to the Giants' defense.

With Muhammad Wilkerson being tagged by the New York Jets, Jackson became the first big domino of free agency, and it fell (in principle) Tuesday afternoon. Word has come down that Jacksonville Jaguars have a deal in place withJackson.

This move makes sense for Jacksonville. The Jaguars have money to burn, with over $80mil in cap room, and needs along their whole defense. It will have repercussions elsewhere in free agency.

The Broncos also announced the release of right guard Louis Vasquez, freeing up roughly $5.5 million in cap room. In addition to tagging Von Miller and extending Derek Wolfe, Denver also has to try to keep linebackers Brandon Marshall and Danny Trevathan to keep as much of their championship defense intact as possible.

Both of these moves could impact the Giants' free agency as well. Trevathan and Marshall were both popular targets for the Giants among fans and observers.


[UPDATE: 2:39 p.m. ET]