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NFL free agency: Philadelphia Eagles trade DeMarco Murray to the Tennessee Titans

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The Eagles' spring cleaning continues with the trade of DeMarco Murray

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Approximately a year ago we were all wondering what, exactly, Chip Kelly was doing as General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. He shipped out some of the team's best playmakers from the Andy Reid era and replaced them with his own players.

This year, as part of the preamble to what could be a wild free agency period for the New York Giants, the Eagles are at it again. This time around, they are undoing all of the moves Kelly made.

Earlier Monday, they traded linebacker Kiko Alonso -- who Kelly acquired in a trade with the Buffalo Bills -- and cornerback Byron Maxwell -- one of the jewels of Kelly's free agency spending, to the Miami Dolphins for draft compensation.

Later Monday evening, the Eagles worked out a trade with the Tennessee Titans for running back DeMarco Murray.

Murray was another of Kelly's prized free agents after leading the league in rushing for the Dallas Cowboys the year before. He turned out to be a disappointment in Philadelphia, with just over 700 rushing yards and 3.6 yards per carry.

After regaining full power as General Manager, Howie Roseman seems to be having a fire sale on Chip Kelly's roster. At this point we can only ask: Who will be next?