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NFC East News: Eagles to deal Alonso, Maxwell; Redskins release RGIII

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The NFL offseason starts off with a bang.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Today began the process of "legal tampering" in which teams and players are open for communication. The Philadelphia Eagles wasted no time in trying to fix their roster from a disappointing 2015 season. Adam Schefter reports that the Eagles will send linebacker Kiko Alonso and cornerback Byron Maxwell to the Miami Dolphins for undisclosed draft picks. Alonso and Maxwell were new additions to the Eagles defense last year and were expected to be heavy contributors. Both have disappointed in their expanded roles.

The Eagles have spent a considerable amount of resources by acquiring these two. The Eagles sent away LeSean McCoy to receive the former Oregon Duck linebacker. Chip Kelly spent big money on Byron Maxwell last offseason as he received a six-year, $63 million dollar deal. With the Eagles giving up on these two, it is clear that they are trying to get rid of the mistakes brought upon by their former head coach.

The draft pick compensation that the Dolphins will send out is still unknown. No matter how valuable those draft picks are, the Eagles are clearly trying to re-brand their team away from Chip Kelly and back to the Andy Reid days with the hiring of one of his disciples, Doug Pederson.

Robert Griffin III released

In other NFC East news, the Washington Redskins officially part ways with Robert Griffin III.  After a costly trade with the St. Louis Rams, Griffin was supposed to be the franchise quarterback for a team in desperate need of one. After a stellar rookie year in which he led the team to a playoff berth, Griffin was never the same afterward. Griffin spent the entire 2015 season on the bench as he watched Kirk Cousins take his job from him. Now the next chapter of Griffin's career begins. Could it be with the Eagles?