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NFL free agency 2016: Giants part of "robust" Olivier Vernon market

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This can't be a surprise.

Olivier Vernon
Olivier Vernon
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The defensive end wheel keeps spinning as the free agency "tampering" window has opened and the New York Giants seek to upgrade their anemic pass rush. The Giants are expected to be part of a "robust" market for Miami Dolphins defensive end Olivier Vernon, who some consider to be the best defensive end available in free agency.

Other teams likely in on Vernon, per Charles Robinson of Yahoo sports, are the Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Interestingly, the Dolphins are reportedly considering rescinding the $12.7 million transition tag they placed on Vernon last week. The tag would give the Dolphins the right to match any offer Vernon were to receive. If the Dolphins rescind the tag, that would actually make it easier for the Giants and any other interested team to sign Vernon because the Dolphins would no longer have the right to match.

Would that change the equation for the Giants? We will find out. The free agency madness is just beginning.