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Victor Cruz is running, but admits he still has "long journey" ahead

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Wide receiver is "starting from scratch."

Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

What should we make of the revelation from New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz on Thursday night that he has begun running again as he rehabs from calf surgery after missing the entire 2015 season?

Cruz said in a video posted on Bleacher Report that his calf is "starting to feel really, really good" but that he knows he still has a "long journey" before he is ready to return to NFL action.

Cruz has missed the last 26 games. He first suffered a torn patellar tendon six games into the 2014 season. He injured the calf during 2015 training camp, tried on a few occasions to resume training and finally shut down for good and had the calf surgically repaired late in the season.

"I'm excited to play again but I know I have a long journey ahead of me. I know I have some significant gains to make in terms of where I'm at with my calf," Cruz said. "I'm pretty much starting from scratch, building my legs up from scratch."

The news that the 29-year-old can run again is a positive step. Let's not, however, take it as any sort of guarantee that Cruz can be a healthy, productive member of the Giants receiving corps in 2015. We are still a long way from being able to make that determination.

Cruz is scheduled to count $9.9 million against the salary cap in 2016, and during his most recent press conference, GM Jerry Reese did not guarantee Cruz would be a Giant next season, saying only that he was under contract "right now."

The expectation is that Cruz and the Giants will work out a deal at a much lower salary. Until it happens, though, we won't know for sure. Just like we won't know if Cruz can or will help the 2016 Giants until we actually see him do it.