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Giants free agency grades 2016: ESPN panel gives Giants a B+

Only two teams received higher grades.

Olivier Vernon
Olivier Vernon
Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

We have already reviewed, or graded, the New York Giants' work in free agency a number of ways. You can find those here ... and here ... and here. Shoot, you can find all of our free agency coverage here.

So, what's the harm in throwing one more set of opinions on the pile. Especially when those opinions from knowledgeable and well-connected ESPN analysts Bill Polian, Mark Dominik, Louis Riddick and Field Yates. The Giants got a B+ from the ESPN panel, with only two teams grading higher.

Here is the ESPN summary:

There is nothing fundamentally sound about how the Giants are trying to build their defense. The question is, did they have any choice under the circumstances?

"They had no choice," Polian said. "If you are going to spend it on somebody, spend it on somebody who performs. Vernon does. It is a lot of money, but that is the business. I could justify giving them an 'A' because they got good players."

Riddick had a harder time going that high simply because he thought the Giants were to blame for getting into such a desperate situation from a personnel standpoint. He thought the Giants spent too much for a two-down player in Harrison. He also thought adding top-of-the-market free agents could make life a little tougher for a first-time head coach. Yates justified the spending by saying the Giants could reasonably think these moves could buoy their defense enough to enable a 2016 push for a division title. Dominik thought an 'A' grade was appropriate.

"It's not like the Rams wanted to lose Janoris, and I know for a fact losing Vernon was not the most popular move in [Miami]," Dominik said. "The Giants took advantage of two unique situations affecting very talented players on other teams. These were good moves."

Probably nothing new here, outside of Dominik's assessments of how the Rams and Dolphins didn't want to lose Jenkins and Vernon. It is just always interesting to see outside viewpoints.