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Daniel Jeremiah mock draft: Ronnie Stanley mocked to the Giants

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Daniel Jeremiah adds his voice to the growing chorus linking Ronnie Stanley to the New York Giants.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Former scout and current NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah has released his fifth mock draft of 2016. He must be reading Big Blue View, because his pick echoes the one made by our own Ed Valentine in the SBN Writers' Mock Draft.

10. New York Giants

Ronnie Stanley (OT, Notre Dame)

The Giants now have two young, talented bookends at offensive tackle.

Raptor's Take: This is a pick I've agreed with for a long time -- truth be told, I started expecting it about thirty seconds after Will Beatty tore his pec last May. It's just so obvious, Stanley gives the Giants a well coached and talented bookend that allows them to finish an athletic and talented offensive line that could not only prolong Eli's effective years, but even stay together through Eli's successor's rookie contract. Former NFL defensive end and current SBN contributor Stephen White even goes so far as to say that Stanley is the best offensive lineman in the draft.

It makes a ton of sense. Almost too much sense.

We have no clue what the Giants' draft board looks like. We know that Jerry Reese was at Leonard Floyd's pro day, and watched LaQuon Treadwell and Robert Nkemdiche as well, but we don't know where they rank on the big board. One of them could well be above the offensive tackle from Notre Dame. They could even be looking at a player that is only barely on our radar. In 2010, they drafted Jason Pierre-Paul at 15th overall, a pick thought to be a panicked reach at the time (after the Eagles jumped ahead of the Giants to draft Brandon Graham). But later on, reports came out that JPP was actually 6th overall on the Giants' board that year. They were stunned he was there and he was the clear-cut Best Player Available.

So what does all that mean? I like the thought of Stanley to the Giants, he's a good pick, but don't be surprised if they do something surprising.