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New York Giants should let Jason Pierre-Paul, Prince Amukamara go -- ex-agent

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No one knows what will happen in free agency, but here's one former agent's recommendation.

The New York Giants have nearly $60 million in salary cap space to throw around during the upcoming free agency period. How will they use it? Former agent and current CBS Sports cap analyst Joel Corry recommended Thursday on "Big Blue Kickoff Live" that the Giants start by letting Jason Pierre-Paul and Prince Amukamara walk.

Corry also had a warning for those hoping the Giants spend wildly in free agency in an effort to jump-start a team that has suffered three straight losing seasons.

"The teams that have won free agency recently haven't seen results on the football field. I would be a little hesitant about making a huge splash."

Corry pointed to the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as recent examples.

Here is what Corry had to say about the Giants' top three free agents.

On Pierre-Paul

Corry called JPP "the hardest one to value" of the Giants' free agents.

"You still don't know what he can do once he has the procedures on his hand, if it's going to make it so he can actually finish the pressure he gets on quarterbacks or not.

"He also has an agent that has never been one to take team-friendly deals. Eugene Parker typically goes for the jugular.

"If I'm the Giants I really want to do a one-year deal with him. If someone is willing to pay him and discount the hand to a degree so be it."

On Amukamara

Basically, Corry said the Giants should try to get a better player for the amount of money they would have to spend to keep Amukamara.

"I don't put Prince in that top tier of corners. I put him in the second tier. One, he's not on the field enough. The guy misses too many games.

"I'd go out and try to get Janoris Jenkins to replace him, or somebody at a higher level and let him go. He's probably gonna be asking for more than Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (5 years, $35 million) got a couple years ago ... you're basically talking $8 million a year or more. You want to pay that for him?"

On Ayers

Robert Ayers is another player Corry finds difficult to value.

"He plays 50 percent of the time, that's not a full-time player, but he is very productive. What's the exact value you put on a very prod. pass rusher since pass rushers are paid a premium, but he's not a full-time player?

"I'd want to keep Ayers more than the other two. JPP's too hard to value."

Corry, if you are interested, posted at CBS a look at prices he expects some of the top free agents to seek. There are plenty of names on his list of interest to the Giants.