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New design for New York Giants uniforms coming as soon as this year

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The cat is out of the bag.

Above is a screenshot taken from Joseph Skiba's Instagram account. Skiba, as many are well aware, is the New York Giants' equipment manager, and appears to have answered a fan's comment regarding potential uniform changes in the not too distant future.

As you can see from the image, not only does Skiba answer the question with a confirmation, but he mentions that they are coming as soon as "this year." Now, here's where I have to lower everyone's expectations or worries, depending on what camp you belong in regarding tradition versus innovation in the uniform debate. These new uniforms are unlikely to be a home or away redesign, and rather the more likely scenario of the Giants' inclusion in the NFL's "Color Rush" program for color-on-color Thursday Night Football games.

It's entirely possible that the regular blues and whites get a refresh for the Nike era, but it would be a major surprise for those not to have been announced in time for the NFL Draft, because new draft picks are a huge money-maker in terms of off-season jersey sales.

So, it comes down to the "Color Rush" games. The NFL stated last year that they hope to have put every team through the scheme within two years, and seeing as the Giants didn't do it last year, it means they're due on the schedule this year.

The "Color Rush" uniforms prompted a lot of debate among fans, with some teams fully embracing their look, and others appearing to cause national embarrassment, such as the New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills game that caused viewers with blue-green colorblindness to render both teams as virtually indistinguishable.

What the Giants uniforms look like is anyone's guess right now. The standard look for last year was a single over-saturated color block. Will there be a game this season where the Giants live up to their nickname, Big Blue? Or maybe we see a return of the much-maligned red alternates? Could there even be a gray palette as a possibility?

Let us know below which way you'd like the team to go with their design.