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Can Geremy Davis emerge as a receiving option for New York Giants?

The Giants could use a big-bodied possession receiver opposite Odell Beckham Jr. Can Geremy Davis be that guy?

Geremy Davis
Geremy Davis
Elsa/Getty Images

Rueben Randle is a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. Hakeem Nicks remains on the free-agent market. What Victor Cruz can give remains an unknown. Dwayne Harris had a nice 2015 season, but did most of his work from the slot. Laquon Treadwell, Corey Coleman and others are, right now, just names on a draft board.

There is an opportunity for a young player who didn't see much of that in 2015 to earn playing time at wide receiver for the New York Giants in 2015. That could still be the case even if the Giants sign a free agent like Anquan Boldin or use an early draft pick to bolster the position.

Could Geremy Davis, a sixth-round pick in 2015 who had an impressive preseason but was a forgotten man by the end of the season, be the guy who takes advantage of the chance?

Davis showed promise during the preseason, but played only 36 offensive snaps during the regular season and had just two catches. Twenty-three of Davis's snaps came Week 5. He was eventually passed on the depth chart by midseason pickups Myles White, Nicks and even late-season undrafted free agent roster addition Ben Edwards. After dressing for the Giants' first 10 games, Davis was inactive for the final six.

"I just used it as a test of my faith and I just leaned on it and prayed a lot about it. I just used those practice weeks as my games. I used Wednesday and Thursday as my games to get better at wide receiver," Davis said during a recent phone interview.

"God willing all the faith I put in and the hard work will definitely show. Naturally it is frustrating, you're in the NFL, you're competitive, you want to contribute to the team. Game days I couldn't do that, per se, so it was frustrating, but at the same time I was still helping the team get better."

The Giants could use a big, strong possession receiver on the outside opposite Odell Beckham Jr. Davis, at 6-foot-2, 216 pounds, fits that description. While productive as a collegiate receiver at UConn, Davis came to the NFL with the tag of not being quick enough or athletic enough to gain separation from NFL cornerbacks.

In talking with Davis it sounds as if he understands that he will have to make strides as an athlete and as a route runner to become a real NFL receiving threat. The 24-year-old said he has spent the offseason "just trying to increase my talent" as a wide receiver.

"Increasing my athleticism in general, but then also working on the little fundamental things at wide receiver. ... Quickness to use on releases, just taking time out to do those little things," Davis said, pointing out he has even worked on eye coordination and hand flexibility.

"From a route-running standpoint, I just want to be able to work on my speed transition, just make a tighter transition. I'm a long strider, I'll have to work on the tempo of that at the top of the route."

Davis knows there appears to be an opportunity next season.

"Every day is an opportunity to get better. Obviously, in every player's mindset you have good relationships with guys, but everyone sees an opportunity despite the circumstances. That's just a mindset each player should have," Davis said. "Despite whoever's there your mindset should always be to become better and to be a starter one day.

"I know I have a lot of work to do, and I'm working on those things and just gotta keep on working. When you get the opportunity to produce you've gotta make sure you capitalize."

Is Davis a player who can grab a bigger role in the Giants' offense in 2016? Your thoughts, Giants fans?